02 June 2011

Grillo - Show'em Sumo EP

Show'Em Sumo is another 'concept' album from a talented beatmaker Grillo. Last year I posted his I had U Ken EP on this blog. Now Grillo returns with a collection of beats devoted to the power of Edmond Honda, a famous sumo wrestler (apparently). You can call me an ignorant but I have no idea who Honda is :) Anyway, the artist collected scraps and pieces, polished them and released as full-fledged, nice flowing  compositions which encompass quite a broad sound range and present very consistent music experience all across the board. From my personal favorite of the EP, Oicho Throw, an oneiric beat trip with 'tubular' synths, spacey Sumo Splash through 8-bit funky neon banger called Bathhouse of the Rising Sun and more heavy bass-laden The Sumo Clinic or All Oichos up to quite surprising and ass-shaking 4/4 joint - Flying Headbutt. All in all I highly recommend checking Grillo's beats - diversity is the key here!