08 July 2011

Krampfhaft - Spit Thunder EP (Saturate Records)

First promos, previews and video trailers of the super duper release Spit Thunder by Krampfhaft (Joris van Grunsven from the Netherlends) on Saturate Records appeared months ago and finally at the begining of July this thing is out physically (7") and digitally (A vinyl is released in just 250 copies, you better hurry). This is the type of futuristic music I am into right now! Very well produced mash up of mutant lazer bass, juke beats, extravagant and experimental electronic excursions into sonic landscapes full of mind-twisting synths and stabs of pure liquid sound. The title track Spit Thunder is most 'classic juke' of the four, but more tuned-down, built on nice and spacey button work. Perfect Grain Structure has a totally infectious 'silly' beat, a kind of funny experiment which works surprisingly well. However, my personal highlight of this release comes as a digital bonus. In Congo Blade Runner the artist creates an ever-expanding sonic structure with catchy melody lines and fantastic synths. Killer!  Grind is another 'jukey' trip but  I also read it as a an illustration of some space drama, a deep cosmic yearning of poor machines lost forever in the void ...

Spit Thunder is a great follow-up to Brightly Colored Candy Teardrops released last year (read my review). This guy has his own distinct style and we will see more great releases from him very soon (e.g. forthcoming on Rwina Records). Saturate Records proved again they are a label to watch. All their releases so far (Krampfhaft, heRobust, Luisterwaar, Acre) were of top-notch quality and offered future-oriented beatz music which really suits my taste. Forthcoming releases (e.g. Coco Bryce) sound equally tasty :)

Krampfhaft Spit Thunder EP promo from Krampfhaft on Vimeo.