15 September 2011

Herrmutt Lobby + NON preview (Jarring Effects)

Usually I do not post early soundcloud previews on my blog, I rather tend to review things in their final form, but I couldn't help myself with this preview of Hermutt Lobby & NON material forthcoming soon on the French netlabel Jarring Effects. Herrmutt Lobby is a collective of musicians, producers, 'scratch composers' & more from Brussels, but if I'm not mistaken, most of them currently reside in Berlin?  I really dig Hermutt Lobby's music, in particular that published on Eat Concrete (check their Bussfudge Powerscones EP), but this preview of new tracks literally blew my mind! Best, most solid, coherent, and neck-straining beats, with a dash of experimental electronica, I've heard in a while. It really twisted my neurons, hard. Definitely, most eagearly awaited release this year.


Herrmutt + Non draft beats preview by Herrmutt Lobby