22 February 2012

Sector7G - Apocalypse Nigh Mix

Posting of Sector7G mixes has become a permanent feature on my blog. This DJ, hailing from Athens (Ohio) has music taste nearly perfectly aligned with mine. The selection in his latest Apocalypse Nigh set covers the majority of my personal best artists and productions of 2011 on nu beat / West Coast / heavy bass / post hip-hop scene. From e.g. Dimlite, Young Montana? and Mussck through Slugabed, Motem and Coco Bryce to Kramfphaft, Dailon, Fancy Mike or Damscray and much much more, this is a 2-hour sonic orgy of the best that ingelligent, contemporary electronic music could offer in 2011. Best mix this year so far. Highly recommended!

Sector7g - Apocalypse Nigh by Sector7G