16 March 2009

Eprom - the Mixtape 2009

Eprom - The Mixtape

F...g huge mixtape, distributed by Eeprom during his show at Bassface Portland. The mixtape blew my head off!!! I should not have listened to it at work. Now, I can't focus on business matters at all. Glitchy, scratchy, bass heavy and pounding pounding pounding music. All Eprom's own productions. Pure sonic pleasure.

Eprom provided a tracklist!
EPROM - Sweatboxxx
EPROM - 64 Bytes (Remix)
EPROM - Busted
EPROM - Bubble
EPROM - Tocatta
EPROM - Shoplifter
EPROM - Lick Out
EPROM - Phaseknocker
EPROM - Throbbin' Hood
EPROM - Untitled
EPROM - Ghost Hunter
EPROM - Untitled