18 March 2009

Glitchy & Scratchy vs. Crendore - laser bass / Squincy Jones - nintendub

I’ve just noticed that one of the first posts on this blog from last year was prepared only in Polish, whereas quite a lot of English speaking viewers would definitely like to see it posted in a more comprehensible lingua. Thus, by popular demand I re-post this properly.

I present here two mixes which I listened to hundreds of times last year (and continue doing so this year). Lazer bass, glitch hop, dubstep, wonky, turbo crunk - or wot u call it? The music, full of inspiration, invention and creativity going far far beyond the limits of one music genre.

First,Glitchy & Scratchy vs. Crendore "Laser Bass"

I am very pleased to confess that I can call this mix, without any exaggeration, "the mix that opened completely new music perspectives for me " and converted me instantly into lazer bass / glitch hop maniac I am today! And paradoxically (or maybe not) thanks dubstepforum.com for the tip. Integrated Grime Unit (Glitchy & Scratchy) and Crendore aka dewey db deliver absolutely hammer-like beats and heavy bass, in some places lifted directly from dubstep dancefloor killers and then they collide this thick base with dirty street hop rants. I LIKE!!!! Just listen.

Another great mix in a package is: Squincy Jones - nintendubA recipe required for cooking of this fantastic music excursion is quite simple: dubstep + rap + 8 Bit nintendo loops. Squincy Jones smoothly incorporates Nintendo sound into the mix, thus adding another, weird dimension, to the tracks. In general, one of the tightest and creative mixes, with great concept, I’ve heard. And apart from that, Squincy Jones pumped some fresh air to the dubstep scene which recently has slowed down visibly as if losing its potential in the multitude of new artists just copying the style and forgetting about originality.

BTW. I really encourage you to check the glitchhop forum run by dewey db (crendore of lazer bass mix) - a great place for all people who love heavy bass on a collision course with dirty street hop. Oi! Oi!

Link to the old post in Polish