30 March 2009

Mary Anne Hobbs Pacific Coast Clash pt. 2 TAKE vs. TEEBS vs EXILE

(Take's photo by Anthea Christensen)
Mary Anne Hobbs Pacific Coast Clash pt. 2 TAKE vs. TEEBS vs EXILE

Mary Anne Hobbs has been seriously hooked up on the West Coast sound recently. I definitely have the same view thus I really welcome another great show on BBC 1 radio – Pacific Coast Clash pt. 2 – a follow up to the show aired a few weeks ago (remember, this absolutely fantastic mini-mix by Nosaj Thing!). I am even more pleased as this show starts with another congenial track by this producer – IOIO. His Drift album to be released in June on Dady Kev’s label will be the record of the year – I have absolutely no doubts about it. Another great highlight in the first part of the program must be of course EPROM vs. Boreta 64 Bytes remix – for me personally, a new glitch hop / mid-tempo anthem. Perfect track, full of depth and making my head nod like crazy! Also check out Ikonika and Quarta 330. (BTW, Hyperdub rulez – absolutely the best label on dubstep / intelligent electronica scene). What is particularly pleasing for me as a Pole, was also a jazzy track from the Polish concept-band - BandFx presented in Headz Up series. Great music – check their myspace!

And now, let's hear the mixes.

First – Teebs, a young producer, now under the wings of mighty Flying Lotus, working on a new EP and album to be released by Brainfeeder. Light, spacey and melodic journey through electronic landscapes with glitchy breaks playing somewhere in the background. The mix builds up nicely and really helped to elevate my mood this gloomy Monday morning. Check out Dimlite – ‘Bad Dad Nr. 2’ [Kitchen Table Version] – what a strange track! Teebs is another producer I will closely watch in the future!
Then Take – another great producer hailing from LA working with experimental hip hop beats. He describes his music as: “A continuously evolving collage that leads listeners down the dust-covered road of bit crushed melodies and jazz samples over walls and walls of bass”. For real – this is exactly how he sounds. He has a few releases to come (a split EP with Nosaj Thing!!). Best mix in the show.
Finally – Exile. Exile is a very inventive producer, actually a big name in hip-hop circuits. He worked, among others, with Mobb Deep, Jurassic 5, Akon and Snoop Dog. This year he released critically acclaimed and pretty brave album ‘Radio’ on Plug Research label, made up of samples lifted from the radio. As he says: “Good and evil are present on the radio. With this record I express love in contrast to evil. I did not want to put an album out showing only my talent… I needed to share with the listener what I have learned from my life. In this case, the radio.” Thanks for sharing! Exile’s mix in Mary Anne Hobbs show is another tight and powerful piece of music. Experimental hip-hop in the best style of plunderphonics. Entertaining and original.

I must say that all the shows devoted to showcasing West Coast scene were absolutely stunning, this one including. Definitely thanks to a very interesting ‘movement’, comprising of fantastic producers boiling with fresh ideas and the fact that the entire scene seemed to gain the right momentum and move forward at interstellar speed. It’s great that Mary Anne Hobbs – an icon of dubstep and intelligent electronica – followed that direction. I hope to hear more from these regions on her shows.