29 March 2009

Top 11,5 tracks – March 2009

Tracks on permanent rotation in my player in March:

1.Eprom – 64 Bytes (Boreta Remix) Great track remixed by one of the best and busiest glitch hop producers from Glitch Mob family. Perfection!!

2.Nosaj Thing – IOIO. Anything produced by this man is pure genius. I am eagerly waiting for his album Drift to be released in June. You can hear a fragment of this track here on Mary Anne Hobbs show from 25 03 2009 - a first track of the show.

3.Ben Samples Drank in my cup. Head-nodding banger slowly burning holes in your mind by a talented young gun on the scene (Also check his fantastic crunk / hyphy live set Live at B.side Lounge 2009 and a free 3-track EP. Ben Samples is another producer fished from an ever-expanding glitchhop forum.

4. Starkey – Gutter Music ft. Durrty Goodz . I’ve heard it months ago, but I had to somehow mark the release of this track (just a few days ago).

5. Th’Mole – I hate you. – Best track on his album released on 10 March 2009 Greatest Hits (Ha, Ha, Ha) vol.1 – check my blog for more info.

6. Mochipet vs. A-ux – Sharp Drest Remix A ‘romantic’ twist added to fuc…g great track by one of my artists of the year – Mochipet (He will throw a live set here in Warsaw, Poland on 17 April, YES YES YES!)

7. Robot Koch vs. Cerebral Vortex – Upside down (forthcoming EP on Jakarta records ) One of the best producer – vocalist duos strikes back. I am eagerly waiting for their EP – the title track is dope.

8. Kat1lyst – Gun Cocked Mental Distortion. Distorted glitch hop at its best! Track from quite a good 16-song release Walk With Me which you can download for free here (Big up the entire DirtyFilthyWhomp crew).

9. Knowa KnowOne - Free Energy feat. Seasunz, Firewater, Wiseproof and New Eon – great midtempo, whompy track with fantastic hip-hop / reggae vocals. Check the entire EP by Knowa KnowOne.

10. Hostage – Murder Rocket – lifted from noisepornblog – Hostage is Da Man! Huge, bassline plus old-school breakdown in the middle works amazingly. Bang your head, bang, bang till you drop! Hostage, next to Don Diablo, is definitely the name to watch on nurave / banger scene.

11. Calvin Harris – I’m not alone (Herve’s See you at the festivals remix) thanks to voulesrandom blog Another banger from Herve and quite contagious shite.

11.5 Forensics – Music Box Dancer (Hibernate EP) - The Master of atmospheric dubstep in a beautiful and much too short intro on his new EP. Pure nostalgia…