30 April 2009

BERLIN: Shir Khan Bodytonic Podcast & Kid606

I love Berlin! This city is so full of artistic creativity and free spirits I feel more at home there than in my homeland. Sadly, the reality of corporate job and a family to look after, makes it difficult to visit the capital of Germany as frequenlty as I wish. At least I can listen to diverse music produced there. Today I present two mixes, Bodytonic Podcast 34 by Shir Khan - a founder and boss of Exploited Records and European Barbarians Get Down mix by none other than Kid606.

Shir Khan - Bodytonic podcast 34

This is a kind of mix which is rather rarely presented on my blog, but I m sure you will appreciate this short diversion from the main themes touched upon by me. Shir Khan’s mix is a top-quality eclectic mix focusing mainly on electro, house and disco but including also other styles – it is very smooth and pleasant. Just for the sunny spring days or hot funky nights.

Kid606 (aka Miguel Depedro) has moved to Berlin from S.F., as many electronic artists before (to mention Peaches, Gonzales, Scuba and tons of others) and two days ago he released his new album called “Shout At The Doner”. Before listening to his new release I recommend this fantastic, heavy and very straigthforward mix. The current Kid606 is not a breakcore / avant-garde electronic artist as you might known him in the past, he has been exploring more 'accessible' dancefloor-oriented regions for some time already, while soaking with lots of music inspirations in the city that never sleeps. And this mix is quite a nice combination of eclectic electronic beats with devastating dancefloor bangers. Kid606 in top form again, full of energy and creativity - I welcome this news with pleasure, as I still remember (and listen from time to time) the tigerbeat releases of Kid606, in particular with CEX, from the end of 90's, beginnig of 21st century.