30 April 2009

nic - RAAV MIX - tight es ever

nic - RAAV MIX (direct download)

78 mins /256kpbs / 150mb
A mix of offkilter downtempo, hip hop and dubstep beats”.

A great selection of heavy glitch hop, mid-tempo, dubstep tracks in the new, tight as ever, mix by nic from Australia. The absolute highlights for me are Missy Elliot – Best Best remix by Two Fingers (Amon Tobin and Doublecklick) - Two Fingers will be huge, watch me werds, anything they touch instantly turns into gold!!!! And Polkadots blues from Hudson Mo (I f…g love this tune), the remix of Appparat’s – Hold on - what a killing sound!! and last but not least Lily Allen – LDN in South Rakkas crack whore mix. Plus of course tons of big names like Flying Louts, Kid 606 (yes!), ediT, Bassnectar, Zomby, Joker, Rustie, Starkey etc. The mix moves from wonky / crunk territories into heavy glitch hop and finally stark street / dubstep bass. Explosive cocktail for sure.