03 April 2009

Glitch Hop Forum

Glitch Hop forum has become a permanent source of quality tracks for my player. Check the forum and get involved, this music will be (well, already is) BIG. Word for that! I present below a few tracks for your listening pleasure.

Depeche Mode – Wrong (live) ill gates + Adam Duke Remix Starting from the absolutely killing remix by ill.gates (aka The Phat Conductor) & Adam Duke. I like it veeeeryy much (and not only due to the fact that I’ve been fan of Depeche Modes for two decades already). Dark and heavy remix of the only good track on the new Depeche Mode’s record. I wish Martin Gore took some music lessons from Ill Gates.

Mochipet feat. 215 The Freshest Kidz - 'V-Necks' (MattB remix) - Fantastic track by Mochipet and 215 reworked by MattB hailing from Tokyo. The final result is even more dynamic and better than the original! Check MattB’s Made In Glitch and Noise Mafia sites plus download heavy lazer generation mixtape).

Bow Wow vs Mattb : 'Rok Da Mike' and yet another very tight mash up with crunky bassline by MattB – this guy is really good.

Ben Samples – I must succeed (listen only) This young guy has won me over with just a few tracks and heavy live shows. Very good skills and great whomp power factor !!!! Definitely, a name to watch! Check his project here

CitrusBroken (dub)
Great, powerful and dark glitch hop dub. You just need to add some accapelas and voila!

„Super disco breakin" Beastie Boys (School Days remix) (listen only) School Days are NOG and mylesAWAY. Great glitch hop remix of BB classic. Listen to the beat. Wicked!

Fat Pat – Demolition Man Dark and extremely heavy bass! Slow-burning stomper. Be careful with yours speakers.

Children of Discord – Say So. Midtempo sound with building momentum, nice track for long rides by car at night. (Check Children of Discord here)