11 May 2009

Hessle Audio at Fabric 15.05.09 + Ben UFO fabric live mix

I respect very much Hessle Audio as a label which brought a lot of creative and fresh air to dubstep scene. Ben UFO's label and the crew promoted many interesting artists and released a few music gems (TRG, Pangaea, Untold - anyone?). Although, in general I'm not a big fan of techno-oriented, no-woblle dubstep as such, but still would be stoked to see these guys playing next to each other. Well, again you lucky bastard Londoners will have a chance to see TRG, Ramadanman, Pangaea, Ben Ufo, Untold + MC ASBO playing room 3 in Fabric on this Friday 15 May 2009.

And if this is not enough Room 1 will host the performances by none others than Rusko (live - oh yes!! Rusko with a guitar), Skream and ... The Motherfu***g Gasslamp Killer. What a show!!!!!! I'm calling all the mad scientists again, please do not hide your inventions and discoveris in some murky basements or your heads, please send me a design for some working teleporter so I can catch all the parties starting from Canada through USA to Europe. Listening to music is one thing but feeling the trobbing sounds of heavy bassline cutting through your body is an absolutely different experience.
Ben UFO prepared a special live mix to promote the Fabric show. Grab it here: