05 May 2009

Knowa KnowOne - Dreaming mix

Knowa KnowOne - Dreaming

Fantastic psychedelic mix from Knowa Knowone "A collection of sound; deep, yet focused, organic yet hip-hop and circuitry. Chill, Reggae and Trip-Hop infused with a spiritual jouney into the self and the subconscious"

Quite an old mix (ca. 2005/2006) yet with universal music worth listening at any time past or future. Made with deep emotions and feelings but most of all creating a very nice trippy diversion from all this banger-whomp style shit I’ve been listening to lately. So for a moment, let’s switch from the Church of Hedonism to the Entheogenic Reformation Church. Knowa KnowOne with the support of his own productions and selection of other trippy and glitchy artists (like Prefuse 73, edIT, Bluetech, F.S.O.L) and spiritual seekers, above all the Magellan of Psychedlic Seas - Terence McKenna, takes us for a trip into other reality tunnels. It's like a breath of fresh air for me (and bear in mind this is my very subjective and personal view at this particular point of time, you have the right not to agree with me), as I've recently have immersed a bit too far into full-energy soundz, actually finding too much music and much too little quality.
And besides, I love listening to Terence's rant, he was able to talk without a break for hours about quite difficult philosophical or scientific issues as if the words were subconsciously formed in his mind and Terence was just a mere transceiver broadcasting them to the public. But what ideas these were! I wish this he was still with us. Yeah, I'm getting sentimental, but I don't give a dub.
**mix cover by blue spectral monkey"cosmic background weirdness"handmade paper collage** 2005