09 June 2009

Dirty Filthy Whompcast 011: ill-esha

Arghhh! New Whompcast in the club! Best crunchy glitchy and whomp-ridden podcasts across the blogosphere. Trust my werds!

This time representing ill-esha, a Canadian lady of dubz from Vancouver. ill-esha has performed in over 42 cities across North America and Europe, DJed on major television networks, and released top-selling vinyls on labels like Breakbeat Science, Outsider & Whisper Audio. Currently she represents drum & bass weekly on bassdrive.com and glitch hop and dubstep sounds with a prolific Canadian crew of Integrated Grime Unit. Together with her friends she also runs fast-expanding mekka of all glitch-hop headz, namely Glitch Hop Forum.

The mix for Whompcast can be nothing short of the total crunky, bass-heavy mayhem, yet ill-esha added also a nice feminine touch to the entire, eclectic set pulsating with energy (I’m thinking here mainly about beautiful Cherry Blossoms or H.A.A.R.P.). Pumping glitch hop bangers like Sexual Fire, Victoria Block, Move Shake, heavy dubstep sub-bass and tons of tracks by IGU crew you probably had never had a chance to hear, what else do you need? Ah yes, a nice outro – Wolf Intervals deliver with smashing results. I wrote about this remix (which haunts me sucking me dry of any negative energy every morning), in too many places.
Enjoy the ride!