08 June 2009

Feed me crunk and glitch you dirty robot!

Ben Samples - Autobot (Samples Original Remix)
Samples churns great track after great track with a speed of industrial assembly line. His glitched basslines are extremely crisp and ‘metallic’. I have always suspected him of some form of bio-technological upgrade, and in this track the truth is revealed – his robot self finally speaks!!

Wolf Intervals – All Up Under The Covers Day
This track and video just killed me!! It’s on a constant repeat since last week. Glitchy mother lover. Fantastic and totally infectious SNL’s remix. “I'm a mother lover you're a mother lover we should fuck each others mother” and “it would be an honour to be your step father” what would Sigmund Freud say?!?!?

Freddy Todd - Detroit Gets It
Great glitch-hop track by a Detroit producer, a kind of response to „witnessing The Glitch Mob, RJD2, and Bassnectar bomb the blocks in down town Detroit. (his own words). In my opinion a very good and ass-kicking response. Tight mixing and very nice work with deconstructed vocals and if you know Glitch Mob stuff – you can easily recognize Mob-like beats and melodies skillfully woven into the composition.

Freddy Todd – Grind Baby
Another great industrial glitch offering from a city with dying industry. Excellent Detroit beats full of cleverly mixed samples from Busta Rhymes, STS9, Funkadelic, Ben Harper and more. I really dig Freddy Todd’s whompy and melodic aesthetics.

Fat Pat - Dirty Birds
Heavy dubstep bassline and funny nursery rhyme melody mix. Fantastic clash of styles!! But, please do not play this music to your kids, they might go mental on you.

Johnny Cash – Belshaazar (Machine Drum remix) Crunked up version of Johnny Cash hit! Fat glitched beats by Machine Drum. Tip!