17 June 2009

Robot Koch - Space Oddities Mix for Mondayjazz

And now for something a bit different ... an odd, eclectic mix from Jahcoozi's gear man Robot Koch for Mondyjazz.

Mondayjazz no. 93: Space Oddities mixed by Robot Koch

Jazzy, lounge and downtempo vibes are overlaid with African folk songs (!!) and ear-catching vocals by Robot Koch's favorite emcees and singers (RQM, Cerebral Vortex, Budy Leezle, Jahcoozi), while Koch's own productions and tracks from e.g. mono/poly, prefuse 73 provide a rougher, glitchy and experimental edge to this funky composition with ever-shifting moods. The entire set sounds ...odd at first hearing, yet it works from the very beginning till a very beautiful and haunting Heaven is my Real Estate in the end.