06 July 2009

I HATE DISCO ...................... NOT

Normally I don't listen do house or disco (unless it is some corpo party when I actually crave for some proper house tune instead of f...g blues or el guitarist shit played too loud behind my back). But today my mood nosedived to such extreme lows that I had to apply some cure to switch off my emotions and send the neurons on holidays. Apart from a good spliff which somehow did not seem a good option right now, there is no better way to forget oneself than playing loud some hedonistic, pumping, simple beats with straigtforward message: LET'S DANCE. I turned my attention to disco mixes and I found this:

Nick Thayer - Thizz Disco vol. 3 The medicine worked, I even stretched my limbs a bit. This mix is a proper funk shit - try it any homeparty, a dancefloor full of pretty girls gauranteed. I'd like to thank Nick Thayer for saving my day :)