05 July 2009

Heyoka - Gate Code Promo mix vs. Pressha - No one knows mix

Let's have some fun, shall we?

I'm not a tech guy, thus you'll not have an ultra-sleek questionnaire form (or any form in fact) to fill in, simply cast your vote in the comments section or in the shoutbox. You choose only ONE of the two mixes :) and please identify yourselves somehow as I don't want to see 10 votes cast from by one aonymous person to support his/her homie or sumting. The voting starts NOW and ends on 13.07.09 at 9.00 GMT. No prizes are expected unfortuntaly. Maybe next time. And the winner of this battle will be notified by electronic means about victory in this prestigious contest along, I hope, with a few words of support from you, dear readers.

Let's start. The first battle will be fought between two heavy-weight champions of midtempo/IDM/glitch sound. I've selected two fantastic mixes in similar spacey and glitchy aesthetics, yet offering quite diverse music (one common denominator is certainly very prolific label - Muti Music) to make the task of choosing between them more difficult on one hand but more fair to the artists on the other.

PLAYER no.1: Heyoka Gate Code Promo Mix

First mix is by Heyoka whose full-length Gate Code on Muti Music has been, without a doubt, one of the best albums released this year in the midtempo / glitch department! I'm sure that after listening to this promo many of you would like to check the proper release (go to addictech site) Gate code was mostly composed during a trip to Uruguay in January 2009. Heyoka confirmed with this release his ever-growing presence on the West Coast map while delivering pretty original trippy and dubby musical compositions full of glitched and distorted synths and instrumental hip hop. This combination usually works for me - I wonder if this will work for you?

:: Tracklist ::
1. Sonidas De La Cabesa
2. May
3. Jade
4. The Way Of The Blue Towel
5. Goo w/ Lafa Taylor
6. Phatty Boom
7. Alien Gibberish
8. Fracula
9. Bubble
10. Tangolypto
11. Shmlizl w/ Sound Of Music
12. Swamp Beat

PLAYER no. 2: Pressha - No one knows mix

Seattle-based DJ - Pressha delivers another precious gem of spacey glitch-hop goodies, with a bit more focus on the funky and dancey edge of midtempo sound. The tracklist of his mix include two tracks by Heyoka and other artistst representing Heyoka's label - MutiMusic, e.g. Mimosa, Knowa KnowOne, SeventhSwami, Klone, Timonkey (each of them released proper quality stuff this year or at the end of 2008, this I call a good stable of winning horses). Pressha also supports some local talents - Kat1lyst, Konekta, Kilowatts plus delivers a more whompy and dirty glitch hop bangers from Jantzen, Mochipet or Ill-gates. No one knows is definitely more energetic and touches slightly different areas in the nervous system than Heyoka's mix. You'll probably nod your head more frequently. Anyway, great listening experience for any midtempo fan.

1.) Lux- Interplanetary
2.) Knowsleep- T-Street
3.) VENT- Bear Crunk
4.) Konekta- Captivate
5.) Heyoka- Tanglypto
6.) Knowa Knowone- Wildness
7.) Mimosa- Kinetic
8.) Timonkey- Wet Noodle
9.) Timonkey- Funk Me
10.) VENT- Crispy Crisp
11.) Klone- Metamorphosis
12.) Kat1lyst- It’s Time
13.) Sideshow- Jantzen
14.) Mochipet- Lazy Day
15.) Myagi- Heads n Tails (ill gates remix)
16.) Heyoka- Aien Gibberish
17.) Tipper- Snot Rocket
18.) Metaphor & Timonkey- Truffle Shuffle
19.) Seventh Swami- The Great Attractor
20.) Kilowatts- Azure (Kat1lyst Trying Edit)