20 August 2009


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9 out of 10 ***** ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!


ARTIST: Mochipet
TITLE: Godzilla New Year Single
LABEL: Daly City Records
FORMAT: Digital Single with Remixes
COVER ART BY: Sean Griffin

01) Godzilla New Year Original
02) Godzilla New Year (Vibesquad Remix)
03) Godzilla New Year (An-Ten-Nae Remix)
04) Godzilla New Year (Ana Sia Remix)
05) Godzilla New Year (Mimosa Remix)
06) Godzilla New Year (Nortec Remix)
07) Godzilla New Year (David Starfire Remix Instrumental)
08) Godzilla New Year (David Starfire Remix Featuring iCatching

Last year Mochipet released an entire series of remixes off his Microphonepet full-length album. He continues the same pattern with Master P on Atari with even better results. Godzilla New Year single is definitely the most consistent and top quality compilation I’ve heard this year. It is simply a MUST for any glitch hop fan. Mochipet collected an outstanding group of remixers, practically all of them “hot” names of the scene. Pretty diverse in vibe and quite interesting individually, all the edits add up to an extremely coherent release, glitched and crunked to the max, yet full of fantastic melodies and surprising synths, bleeps and of course Chinese gongs. From the first original track till the mesmerizing and ‘raw energy’ remix by David Starfire the listener is confronted with a thick wall of heavy sound built on a properly distorted and twisted foundation with straight-in-yer face bassline. All the artists preserved the basis and added their own diverse and contagious interpretations thus creating a killing tool for converting infidels into glitch bass. I call on you, take this record and preach Glitch Hop to the masses.

The single starts with heavy metal intensity of the original version. Fast and dirty making my head spin and arousing evil smile on my face. Pure adrenaline kick! I bet you will not be able to sit on your chair longer than 60 sec. into it. No wonder Mochipet selected this particular track for remixes.

Then, glitch hop master, Vibesquad delivers a surefire hit with contagious synths, nice build-ups and crunky beats. This track will definitely be heavily rinsed by DJ’s across the globe. An-ten-nae offers super crunky, ill electronica with heavy bassline. Just ask your car’s sound system about the opinion on this track. An-ten-nae is one of my favorite producers and he shows outstanding skills and delivers heavy weight bomb of distorted synths and fantastic melody, which reminds me of the work of another talented artist, namely dubstep / breakcore don Cardopusher. TIP of the release without a doubt! And don’t forget to check An-ten-nae’s Acid Crunk vol. 5 released recently. His music is so ill.

A lady producer, Ana Sia, steps in and takes the listeners for a trip into slowed down distortions, dark synths and fast drums in one of the fattest tracks, utilizing low frequency and sub bass in the best possible way. This girl knows how to rock hard. Mimosa plays with emotions like none other. His remix is a nice foretaste of his killing EP (Flux for Life) released on Muti just a few days ago. Dreamy and unsettling melody craftily woven into glitched beats and heavy bass. Ready-made score for a 21st century poetic docu about humanity obsessed with technology reaching a boiling point of greenhouse effect. Archaic revival seems to be the only solution…
Moving further into different areas, Mexico’s own Nortec Collective (Clorofila) delivers glitched Cumbia with very nice distorted and delayed trumpets and accordions. Reminds me a bit of Balkansky’s ethnic stuff. I thought that combination of Cumbia and glitch-hop may be too risky, but this track proves quite the reverse! These two music genres currently occupy the top of my list thus I simply can only appreciate this nice little joint. Keep’em coming Nortec!

Finally, here comes the second best remix by the head of Six Degrees Records - David Starfire. Ultra heavy glitch hop in a mesmerizing oriental sauce. I love such sweet and sour treats, simply delicious. Gong Gong Gong. If instrumental is great and rules in my car’s sound system, the version featuring a vocalist is just unbelievable, utter, proper shit. Kudos to iCatching for finding a right flow and raw energy fitting so well the production of David Starfire.

The more releases of such quality hit the market, the faster glitch hop will gain the right momentum to spread really wide. I keep my fingers crossed.


You can hear all the tracks from the EP in an exclusive mix by Mochi for Bijou Breaks: MOCHIPET - BIJOU BREAKS MIX