17 September 2009



Absolutely amazing mix by Dewey dB, the founder and administrator of the best music forum inda Internet - GlitchHop Forum. Very eclectic, diverse, oscillating between funky head-nodding slack and powerful heavy bass meditations. Entertaining as hell, full of emotions and multi-textured electronic voyages. Including some great original tracks by the author: ill-esha & Dewey dB - H.A.A.R.P. is f...g mental, similarly as Dewey dB & Bevvy Swift - Music Bawks (dewey's anti-wobble refix). Hey, producers out there grab these tracks while you can. This mix is a real Who-Is-Who of glitch hop / crunk covering most of the names you need to know to call yourself a glitch head. Too many to mention here. Just check the tracklist.

01. Opiou - The Freaky Bean
02. Vent - Bear Crunk
03. Pretty Lights - Finally Moving Remix
04. Mochipet - Memories
05. Gouseion - Venomous Always
06. Opiou - Slip
07. Dewey dB - Savage Cabbage
08. Opiou - Monkey Crunk
09. Tokimonsta - Startagain feat. Shing
10. Vibesquad - Shnapp
11. EPROM- 64 Bytes (Boreta Remix)
12. Vibesquad - This Earth
13. Depth affect - Street Level
14. Low Limit - Inspirational Jumpsuit
15. Graintable - Lost Frost
16. Ill Gates & Meesha - Irma Vep feat. Masia One
17. Gonja Sufi - Candycanelane
18. Lorn - The Greatest Silence
19. ill-esha & Dewey dB - H.A.A.R.P.
20. Ph Fat - Big Five (remix)
21. Dewey dB - The Adventures of Albert The Giraffe
22. Pretty Lights - More Important Than Micheal Jordan
23. Depth affect - Hero Crisis
24. Michna - Avante
25. Panty Raid - Get The Money
26. Nalepa - Sunflowers (Salva Remix)
27. Mochipet - Pachyderm Pounce
28. Gouseion - Afternoon Cassettes
29. Na$ty Na$ty - Seconds
30. Aphex Twin - Window Licker
31. Dewey dB - The Penguin
32. Mimosa - Delivery feat. Souleye
33. Dewey-dB - Natural Flavour
34. Adam Freeland - Do You (Joker Remix)
35. Dewey dB & Bevvy Swift - Music Bawks (dewey's anti-wobble refix)
36. Akira Kitashi - Pinball
37. Eskmo - Agnus Dei
38. The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix)

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This guy probably needs no introduction.
Heyoka, next to Mimosa, is the best representative of deep glitchy bass aesthetics immersed in ethno sauce with IDM / dubby space, the combination which I really dig. His Burning Man mix is full of talking, glitchy sub-bass, with tons of sound effects and great synths built on dubbed out beats. He really knows how to properly handle all the buttons and he really 'feels' the space he works in. Sadly no tracklist, but I presume most of the tunes are his own originals. Check Heyoka's music released on Muti Music - Addictech. In particuladr, Gate Code LP which definitely fits well in the category of top releases this year.


Sickfile - young glitch-hop blood in a debut mix in this genre. Sick, crunky, and powerful selection of the best fighters in this heavy-bass category: An-ten-nae, Mochipet, Mimosa, Ben Samples, plus mighty Two Fingers or one of the best underrated dubstep acts (IMHO), namely MarchMellow. Last but not least, infectious I love college, ridiculous remix of Johnny Cash by Machine Drum and Britney Spears' edit. All in all over 80 minutes of heavy dope sickness.

01. fat pat - dirty bird
02. an-ten-nae - warning feat. buccaneer
03. mimosa - flux for life
04. two fingers - keman rhythm
05. propa thingz - heavy metal
06. mochipet - godzilla new year (david starfire remix instrumental)
07. mochipet - godzilla new year
08. ben samples - autobot
09. johnny cash - belshazzar (machine drum remix)
10. asher roth - i love college (dubstep remix)
11. britney spears - if u seek amy (sas remix)
12. animal collective - my girls
13. an-ten-nae - get low
14. natasha - ildebrand i byen (2000f remix)
15. chasing shadows - flashing lights
16. 501 - mind control
17. major lazer - hold the line feat. mr. lexx and santogold
18. mimosa - dead like me
19. march mellow - real simple
20. mimosa - sirius
21. propa tingz - babylons scared feat. dakini