10 September 2009


The Disciples of the Dread
Artist: Kid606/Cardopusher/BADXMAN
Catalogue number: shock20
Album title: Disciples of Dread EP
label: Shockout
Release date: September
Buy the tracks here:
Boomkat, Bleep or @other places.

Kid606 has many music faces indeed and is constantly churning new releases. This time he resurrected his tropical / digital Soca imprint - Shockout and released 6 super tight, heavy-bass tracks. All of them great riddims in a tropical / soca stylee but don't jump to conclusions hearing this term. Forget about sunny tropical cumbias or nice funky shit and scarcely clad ladies shaking their asses. The Disciples of the Dread soundsystem offers evil, dirty, voodooo beats and heavy bass addressed to real badbwoys and gals.

A newcomer to the scene, BADXMAN, shows his tight skills in two tunes with growling bassline, fat afrobeat and dark funky vibe. For me the higlight of the EP are again the tracks by one of my favorite producers -
CARDOPUSHER. After his apparent conversion from breacktore to dubstep (and more heavy bass styles) he drops one bomb after another. "Carne Sentada" and "Youthman Dread" are fantastic digital roots / soca joints with twisted beats in half-step stylee with infectious synths prominently featured on top. I bet, especially in the case of the first one, you won't be able to sit on your ass to long hearing it. Kid606 mashes the classic riddim "Mash up the place" into synth-driven, hectic and scarry (the recent strong trademark of Miguel De Pedro) anti-festival monster, full of dirty claps and snares, building into nigthmarish freestyle of some mad producer. The DigiSoca mix of Mash Up the Place is simply ridiculous. Listen to this and interpret it for yourselves :)

Listen to 3 tracks from EP on the soundcloud: