28 September 2009


01. 'Thug Tastic (Turn Up the Subs)'
02. 'Can't Fathom This'
03. 'Grind Baby'
04. 'The Times'
05. 'Detroit Gets It'
06. 'Festivities'
07. '16 Bars'

Freddy Todd, a producer from Detroit, has recently dropped a very, very interesting glitch-hop EP 'Ghost Dance Messiah' with 7 solid and bass-heavy tracks which everyone can grab for free for a limited period of time. He claims on myspace that he sounds like 'Jesus on acid'. Well, even if it is a bit overstretched, I definitely find some acid/trancey traces in his music, especially in the way he loops his basslines or the way he works various knobs and buttons (see e.g.: The Times). But most of all his tunes offer great, whompy glitch-hop sound made in Detroit. Heavy, metallic, stomping beat, glitched synths, sick acapellas and twisted melodies always please Doktor Krank very much!! Highlights of the EP are Detroits Get It, Grind Baby, Can't Fathom This, Thug Tastic (Turn up the Subs).

I've already mentioned Freddy Todd on my blog a few times. Check the description and listen to two tracks from the EP:

Freddy Todd - Detroit Gets It
Great glitch-hop track by a Detroit producer, a kind of response to „witnessing The Glitch Mob, RJD2, and Bassnectar bomb the blocks in down town Detroit". (his own words). In my opinion a very good and ass-kicking response. Tight mixing and very nice work with deconstructed vocals and if you know Glitch Mob stuff – you can easily recognize Mob-like beats and melodies skillfully woven into the composition.

Freddy Todd – Grind Baby
Another great industrial glitch offering from a city with dying industry. Excellent Detroit beats full of cleverly mixed samples from Busta Rhymes, STS9, Funkadelic, Ben Harper and more. I really dig Freddy Todd’s whompy and melodic aesthetics.

Freddy Todd - Oh Ma Gad Drap Tha Bass – Freddy Todd Very tight and ass-shaking track using a great mix of soundz plus a few classic beats and pieces. Thumbs up for Michael Jackson's sample.

Freddy Todd on Soundcloud