29 September 2009


More glitch crunk / liquid dancehall staff from Canada. Jay WIKID has just released a package consisting of 7 quite original remixes of classic tracks. Highlights include: Nancy Sinatra's beautiful Bang Bang turned into uptempo cut-up glitch-hop roller. Prodigy's all-time rave anthem Outaspace heavily mashed up in a dancehall manner. Collie Buddz riddim Come Around (one of my personal all-time faves) pulsating with liquid bass in a Bassnectar's style. WICKED! Jamaican punther Ward 21's Rudy of the Century received a surprising bleeps and beeps treatment from Jay Wikid with funktastic, weird drums and crazy melody. Beach Boys California Girls (!!!) remix is pure madness.

Pretty broad selection I would say. You'll definitely recognize the originals yet Jay Wikid managed to pitched them up adding his trademark heavy, distorted bassline all across creating one of the most interesting and diverse set of remixes that my headphones had a chance to acquaint with recently.

You can catch Jay Wikid on
glitch.fm as co-host on Friday's, mega super dope BWAMP show powered by Canadian crew of Integrated Grime Unit and GlitchHop Forum Crew.

Grab a very solid mixtape from Jay Wikid which I posted on my blog some time ago: Jay Wikid - Stay Tuned Mix

Jay Wikid's crafty basslines will turn your insides out and have you grinding before you know it. His musical recipes blend infectious hiphop rhythms with light sprinkles of glitchy fun - smothered with a topping of bassline warfare. Three years ago, the Canadian producer was chosen by Bassnectar as his protege; their first collaborative release, "Select Frequency", was the #1 Hip Hop track on Beatport for over 3 weeks and subsequently licensed to MTV, where it continues to rack up international plays. Jay also works under the alias "Ghetto Blastaz" in collaboration with Colorado native Jantsen. Expect fast-paced hip hop and dancehall breaks, overdriven glitchy crunk and electrozested zipper basslines from this hard-hitting duo. Currently you can catch Jay as a Friday night co-host on Glitch.FM radio, a resident of "Whatever's Dope" at Vancouver's Shine Nightclub, and furiously locked in the studio preparing a dynamic live show for his first international tour. His enthusiasm immediately ignites any dancefloor - watch him throb and bob, energetically dancing along with his crowd, as he twists and warps his wompy style productions. Whatever genre he's playing, you can count on Jay to keep it squishy, glitchy and sexy all at the same time. Straight rowdy!