04 September 2009

solipsistic NATION No. 156: Freqs

SOLIPSISTIC NATION PODCAST NO. 156 (I encourage you to go to the site to watch very nice videos there)


All glitch-hop fans should definitely check this great podcast from solipsistic NATION. Apart from eclectic and top-notch quality music presented, the host carried out a few interviews with well-known characters on the glitch scene. Starting from Australian Jim Moynihan (Spoonbill) and founder of Omelette Records, Great Scott a gonzo behind mighty glitch.fm, Steve Nalepa (among others, 1/2 of Bass Science together with Matt.b) and Deru. It's definitely one of the best podcasts I've heard in a while. Very diverse music (some free goodies - check the tracklist) and great interviews with artists discussing among others the current status of the so called "glitch" genre. In particular one question stuck in my mind: Do we live in a post-glitch world? Do we? What's your opinion?


Spoonbill “Gumtree (Respoon)” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Spoonbill “Moth Adjust Stereo, Excerpt”
Interview with Jim Moynihan, founder of Omelette Records
Frank Riggio “Perplex People” [FREE DOWNLOAD]
HipGnosis “grainydontstop”
Ill-Esha “spook FL”
Interview with Great Scott, founder of glitch.fm
Ill-Esha “kitchen sync FH2″
Nalepa/David Last “Flatlands (David Last Remix)”
Nalepa/RND “4th of July (RND Remix)”
Interview with Steve Nalepa
Nalepa/Rena Jones “Rhodes Racer (Rena Jones Remix)”
Deru “I Want”
Deru “Hello”
Interview with Deru
Deru “What Happens When You Ask”