06 September 2009

Low End Theory Podcast vol. 7 - Gaslamp Killer vs. Mary Anne Hobbs

Low End Theory can do no wrong in the podcast department. Vol. 7 in now-becoming cult series introduces a cross-Atlantic clash of uber personalities, namely the man behind Alpha Pup Records pushing the boundaries of glitched hip hop & electronic music, an icon of West Coast movement - the mighty Gaslamp Killer who meets the Lady in Dubz, one and only Mary Anne Hobbs who needs no introduction.

Episode 7: Mixes by Gaslamp Killer and Mary Anne Hobbs


Gaslamp Killer delivers a killing set of bass heavy, dubstep and glitch smashers like e.g. Joker and Ginz remix of Zero 7 , Eprom's Humanoid (my personal top-3 track this year) and many more but then merges them with some stuff (if I am not mistaken) off his EP released recently, thus creating dark dark dark mood. Scary and infectious as usual :)
Mary Anne Hobbs presents pretty experimental and eclectic and urban mini-mix, very 'planet-mu' oriented, which is no surrprise as on 8th September, MAH releases her third compilation "Wild Angels" (IMHO the best one to-date) and goes on a US tour. Stay tuned for the review and all the details within the next 2-3 days.

No tracklist as usual.