26 October 2009

MIMOSA - CrunkSteppers Guide into the PsyPhy MiNi MiX

Holy shit! Mimosa has just barely launched his soundcloud account and he has already uploaded a f...g megatron!! Banging, bwampy, psyphy glitched shit of the mix of his own original productions. The crunkiest, heaviest, dopest thirteen minutes of music I've heard this month. I love his sound and would really like to hear and feel him playing live. If any promoter from Europe plans to invite him soon for a tour drop me the line :) We have to bring this badass bwoy to Poland!

CrunkSteppers Guide into the PsyPhy MiNi MiX by TigranMiMoSA

Track List:

1. MiM0SA - On The Line
2. MiM0SA - Delirium
3. MiM0SA - I'm in Love With a Stripper (ReMix)
4. MiM0SA - Werk Me (feat Missy Eliot)
5. MiM0SA - When I'm Alone (Bigger Than Hip Hop)