27 October 2009

Glitch that beat up bitch (and drop some acid in the mix).

I've downloaded tons of good and very good glitch hop remixes wihtin the last few weeks. It's time to load some of them.

Dirty Circuit Radio with Ale Fillman, DJ Aporia and guest airs every first Tuesday of the month on sub.fm Check their show as the boys really know how to please your sub-bass speakers. On 6 October 2009 their guest was none other than S.P.E.C.T.R.E. from the notorious Denver Bass Squad. I'm a big fan of his live shows and his mixing skills. He not only offers a selection of great bwampy bombs but is very skilfull with all the knobs and buttons. He really knows how to shake my ass. Heavy!!!!!!



Starkey feat. Duurty Goodz - Gutter Music
Terror Danjah - Big-E D: Frontline (Terror Danjah Remix)
Virus Syndicate - Bitch
Joker, Ginz - Purple City
Mik - Wear My Flow
TRiLL BASS - Dizzee rmx
Gemmy - Supligen

Ale Fillman

Ale Fillman - Bass Rock (Pacheko Remix)
Patrick Wallace - No Gravity (ClawVon Tiestofold VIP)
Emalkay - When I Look At You (Sduk Remix)
Excision, Datsik - Swagga
Zeno - AC Slater Remix
Hulk - Angel Dust (King remix)
Bassnectar - The Churn Of The Century


Samples ¬ Crypt Tales
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. ¬ Savage Wayne mashup
Ill Gates & Meesha ¬ Irma Vep (Heyoka Remix)
Big L ¬ Thick (acapella)
Hovatron - Gas Brake Dippin rmx
Clipse ¬ Fast Life (Lunice rmx)
Akira Kiteshi ¬ Boom n Pow
The Prodigy - Breathe (NumberNin6 dubstep remix)
E-40 ¬ Tell Me When To Go (acapella)
The Heavy - How You Like Me Now (Joker rmx)
Siren ¬ Hotley Cru
B-52¹s ¬ Love Shack (Subvert remix)
Mimosa ¬ Flux 4 Life
Craig Mack ft Biggie Smalls ¬ Flava In Ya Ear remix (acapella)
B1t Crunch3r ¬ Coronal Mass Ejection (Zeno remix)
Ginuwine ¬ Pony (acapella)
Editor ¬ No Diggity
DJ Blaqstar w Rye-Rye ¬ Shake It To The Ground (acapella)
PantyRaid ¬ Enter the Machine
Akira Kiteshi ¬ Lorraine Kelly
Low Limit - TrapperKeeper
Ester Dean ¬ Drop It Low (acapella loop)
Richie Spice - Marijuana (acapella)
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. ¬ Bad Girls Go To Hell


Hulk - See You
Kry Wolf - Mucky - High Rankin Remix
Kosheen - Catch (SymbL Remix)
TZR & Dubtek - The Haunted
Noah D - Seeeriousss
Zeno - Lazer Wolf 2010
Suspicious Stench - I Am What I Am

Ale Fillman

Ale Fillman - Press Go (Downlink Short Circuit RMX)
Hot Mess - Settle The Score
B. Rich - We Ball Harder
Emu & Pawn - Threadz
Surpass - Loot
Ale Fillman feat. N:Coder - Murder Low
Dread Foxx & King Rubby - BlockBleeder [Fragile VIP]
Product 01 - Ready2Rage (Bassnectar & Jantsen remix)
Emalkay - Explicit
Koan Sound - Mafia (TRiLLBASS Pots N Pans VIP)


Roomate & The Bassist - Rub-a-Dub (Ultrablack Slaughter rmx)
Marschmellow - Hate 2 Love U

De Novo Creation hailing from Bloomington, Indiana (US), delivers a pretty diverse and eclectic mix where ambient space and extensive sonic textures meet dubstep sub bass and glitched up synths. This combination really works for me.

Between Zero and One - HipGnosis on GlitchFM recorded (10 21 2009)

This is the dopest mix in the pack! HipGnosis hosts a f...g mental show Between Zero and One on my favorite Internet Radio glitch.fm. His latest show is no exception. This is a journey through alternative electronic sound and dub-tech territories in a strong acid flavor (e.g. Jokers of the Scene - another fave of mine) plus some heavy bass bombs from e.g. Hostage, Udachi or Raffertie. Mega kudos for including Psychic TV, the group which I have loved for years. I wish glitch.fm acquired more artists with such a perplexing music erudition as HipGnosis.

Psychic TV - Drone Zone
kryptic minds - one of us
recue - korento
Psychic TV - united (sabres of paradise mix 1)
martin bros - dum (ill cosby mix) (carcrashset)
plastikman - helikopter
intrinsic - gibbous
scuba - hundreds and thousands
throwing snow - been a long while (ThrowingSnow)
swarms - never step on me (vishnu rmx) (vishnu)
skream - sublemonal
fever ray - seven (martyn mix)
scuba - klinik
helen austin - when we were young (HipGnosis Mnr Ncnvnc Rmx) (http://helenaustin.com for original)
pericles - flatface
nasty nasty - no names
ellie goulding - starry eyed (jakwob rmx) (jakwob)
ill cosby - lo oyen (emvee rmx) (carcrashset)
dj fresh - hypercaine (nero dubstep mx)
hostage - hangin
hadouken - M.A.D. (detboi rmx)
vishnu - power of love v2 (vishnu)
cat power - deadman (dj belly mix) (djbellymusic)
dj belly - ooohh (djbellymusic)
plastikman- plasticine
psychic tv - united (sabres of paradise mix 2)
hostage - badman sound
the brown acid - try humanity (starkey rmx)
jokers of the scene - baggy bottom boyz (dz ravestep rmx)
the brown acid - try humanity (zomby’s vitamin e rmx)
big gigantic - polarize (http://biggigantic.net/)
the scarlet harlots - backlash (raffertie rmx)
broken note - war in the making
kryptic minds - six degrees
quetzal - whompa ambush (Quetzatl)
calvin harris - not alone (doorly rmx)
sub version - soul jah boogie
m83 - we own the sky (udachi rmx)

Ficus Fresh Beats radio show // podcast 02 //21 10 2009

Fred Ficus from France is a host of the Fresh Beats radio show in radio404.org every Wednesday at 6p.m. He's pushing the West Coast Sound in Europe mixing it with solid electronic tunes of the local scene (Fulgeance I LIKE). Just listen to the intro by Vlooper Neon Venus :) His latest podcast showcases jazzy electronica / IDM and crunky beats made by e.g. Flying Lotus, Dorian Concept, Nosaj Thing, Lando Kal, Lazer Sword, Hovatron and more.

- Vlooper Neon Venus : Essence 1
- Flying Lotus : Camel
- Biscits : Lambent
- Bulles Bubbles : Pandemia 2010
- Vlooper Neon Venus : Pastaz
- Bulles Bubbles : Pages Caphc
- Vlooper Neon Venus : So WTF
- Tita Lima : Esquizofrevo Fulgeance rmx
- Nosaj Thing : Coat of Arms
- Dorian Concept : The Fucking Formula
- Dam Funk : Hood pass intact
- Nickodemus : Sips & Magic ft New york gipsy
- YT : I'm on
- Cypresshill + Missy elliot ;)
- J Hawk : Kicking it wit the lingo
- Waajeed : Tetris
- Lazer Sword : Koopa boss mode
- Hovatron : Slowdan ft Flowdan
- Hugg Pepp : Penguini, Lando Kal rmx
- West Up : Slik D , Powell rmx
- Hovatron : Gipsy Trader

And a two older mixes (shit, this blogosphere is really changing my mindset - is a mix which is one month old really "old" - WTF??) which I still listen to regularly.

Decibel9M3 - Smack my glitch up

Decibel9M3 from Salk Lake City smacks and slays with an excellent selection of glitch hop / heavy bass bombs. I really cant listen to this energetic mix too much at work as I can barely sit on my ass and my co-slaves in the office definitely don't share my music taste and are rather reserved as regards expressing your emotions through wild, choatic waving of your joints or frantic nodding of your head. No, this I am not allowed to do in this f..g aseptic environment.  Decibel9M3 included in the mix quite a few tracks by the homies from the mighty Glitch Hop Forum,e.g: Clipse, Plus 2, M4RS, Ben Samples, Children of Discord, !Konekta!, Subvert, JmeJ, an-ten-nae, ill-gates I can even risk calling this mix a semi-official Glitch Hop Forum promo mix :) Yeah, check the forum to find more goodies by these artists.

01\ A.R. Rahman ~ Liquid Dance Feat. Palakkad Sriram + Madhumitha
02\ Clipse ~ Mr. Me Too (Ooah Remix)
03\ Plus 2 ~ Mystline (Samurai Mix)
04\ an-ten-nae ~ Djelem
05\ Missy Elliott ~ Slide (Boreta Remix)
06\ Heyoka ~ Alien Gibberish
07\ Knowa Knowone ~ Baghdad Rising
08\ Tipper ~ Snot Rocket
09\ Busta Rhymes ~ Dangerous (Kraddy Remix)
10\ VibeSquaD ~ Whittling
11\ Mochipet ~ Hope Again Feat. Mykah9 + Taiwankid (edIT reMash)
12\ M4RS ~ Blasting Asteroids
13\ Nanda ~ Musik Right Now
14\ Children Of Discord ~ Drawing Lines
15\ Ben Samples ~ Fly
16\ Timonkey ~ Heaven & Earth
17\ EPROM ~ 64 Bytes (ill.gates Remix Feat. Meesha + Mat The Alien)
18\ edIT ~ More Lazers
19\ TV On The Radio ~ Red Dress (The Glitch Mob Remix)
20\ Mochipet ~ Master P On Atari
21\ Subvert ~ Dance Revolution
22\ Blu Cantrell ~ Hit 'Em Up Styles (JmeJ Remix)
23\ VibeSquaD ~ SnackBaskets
24\ !Konekta! ~ Ready Or Not
25\ Ben Samples ~ Blakka
26\ VENT ~ Bear Crunk
27\ BreakBeatBuddha ~ The Wrecka Track Feat. Jansten
28\ Mochipet ~ Tangle Feat. Salva + Epcot (Matt B Remix)
29\ Queen ~ We Will Rock U (JmeJ Remix)
30\ JmeJ ~ Militant Minds
31\ Adam Freeland ~ Do You (PANTyRAiD Remix)

MiHKAL - Live at Symbiosis Gathering 2009

MiHKAL from Oakland in California in a live set from this year's Symbiosis Gathering. The tracklist is a real 'who is who' on the West Coast glitch hop scene with the tunes by e.g. edIT, EPROM, PANTyRAiD, Ooah, Bassnectar, Jantsen, Sleepyhead, Mimosa and a few originals and remixes by MiHKAL himself. I really like the way MiHKAL works with melody, combinging softer elements with hard base. His mix flows very smoothly and is full of space, while at the same time delivering a proper kick with distorted and glitched basslines. A perfect mix for your car! The city looks different with such a soundtrack, believe me, I have tested this extensively.

Of Porcelain vs. Mims - Prelude to the Sun (MiHKAL MA$HUP)
PANTyRAiD - Do You Get the Beba (MiHKAL MA$HUP)
Virtual Boy - Anything Goes
Sleepyhead - Holla Like Whoa
MiM0SA - In Search of Beauty
Santogold - Starstruck (MiHKAL Re-Edit)
NA$TY NA$TY - Necking
MIA - Bird Flu (Propa Tingz Remix)
EPROM - Bubble
PANTyRAiD - Headcase
MiHKAL - Aftermashmatix (Tipper vs. Deru vs. Kitty D & Rab vs. Ooah vs. 8 Frozen Modules vs. Kelpe)
Ooah - Beaver Blink Remix
Bil Bless - TimeSome
EPROM - Lick Out
STS9 - Beyond Right Now (The Glitch Mob Remix)
Bassnectar & Jansten - Ready 2 Rage
MiM0SA - Sirius
PANTyRAiD - Enter the Machine
Of Porcelain - Bleeding Mirrors Remix
edIT - Ants
Excision - That Girl