12 November 2009


Mary Anne Hobbs – Experimental 2009 11 05 Soul Motive, Modern Love and Numbers [Hotfile]

Connoisseurs Label Showcase presenting three labels: Soul Motive from Bristol, Modern Love from Manchester and finally Numbers from Glasgow. The best Mary Anne Hobbs show in months. You know YOU WANT THIS BADLY!!!!!

Soul Motive is represented by very emotive and dreamy, exclusive mix from Eleven Tigers. Fantastic listening experience within Bristol’s dub-tech / IDM imaginarium, including Eleven Tigers original material as well as Perverelist and Hyetal tunes. I’m not a big fan of dub-tech myself but this piece of music is really, really ‘touching’. As sung by a female in one of the tracks by Eleven Tigers this mix is Driving my crazy driving my crazy… Eleven Tigers will release his new single in January 2010 with Perverelist remix on a flipside. Already in December, Soul Motive plans the new releases by Headhunter and Geom. Watch out!

Then comes another nice mix, this time from Manchester’s label – Modern Love, which was heavily rinsed by M.A.H. in her show in the past. Including only unreleased material by among others Claro Intelecto, Andy Stott, Andrea, Milli, Hate. This mix is also quite OK, although for me the weakest one out of the three presented.

As in a proper thriller, the real bomb awaits the listener at the end. The third mix has really blew my mind. This is the showcase mix for a new Glasgow label – Numbers which was created after converging Wireleblock, Stuffrecords and Dress 2 Seat. The mix includes tons of exclusive release for next year by e.g. Low Limit, Lando Kal, Rustie, Slugabed, Redinho, Ghosts on tape, Hudson Mohawke, Emvee, L-vis 1990, Taz Buckfaster, Deadboy. Fuck me! So many great artists on the fore-front of electronic music gathered in one place! If this is not the best label of 2010, I’ll be damned. Actually the first release in 2010 – Golden Shake EP will be by none other than our old homies: Low Limit and Lando Kal from Lazer Sword!!! followed by Redinho’s “Bare blip” and Taz Buckfuster’s stuff. Oh boy I can hardly wait. I am absolutely positive this will blow my mind. Numbers’ label launch party took place on 6 November 2009, with Lazer Sword live, and world debut of the new Rustie live show– this was the great party I’m sure. Just a few days before we had a chance to meet and see the Lazer Sword slaying the crowd here in Poland and adding Rustie to the bill is really too much, he he. I keep my fingers crossed for Numbers.