24 November 2009

OV04 Raleigh Moncrief - Combed Over Chrome EP

I have so little time recently and I have fished so many good releases within the last few months, especially on the glitch-hop / future beat front, I decided to post them without proper reviews or with just a few sentences from me. Which I don't like, becasue being a compulsive writer I feel very unsatisfied to release my babies to the general public without some guidance as to what expect from the music pushed on my blog. But I'd like to avoid losing this music in the voids of the blogosphere.

Let's start the series with a free EP by Californian Raleigh Moncrief (a guy/duo/band - have no idea?) Combed Over Chrome EP. This is one of the best EP's by a new artist I've heard recently. The title track is properly glitchy and dirty and the synths are very, very nice, reminding me of HudMo, Joker mixed with wonky LuckyMe stuff. I like! Actually it encompasses a few specific sounds evoking a deja vu as if I have already heard this somewhere!? Space oddyssey of Ew tar tar and dirty yet beautiful, bass-heavy Quiet Please really work for me. As a teaser, watch the video to the most neon track of the entire release - Similes. Definitely an artist to watch in the future. More glitch-hop goodies coming tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Raleigh Moncrief - Quiet Please from obstructive vibrations on Vimeo.