29 December 2009

FIRE AND ICE IN THE MIX cmd/ctrl vs. Shlomo vs. Mugwort

If end of the year can be treated as an indication of the forthcoming year, 2010 looks very very promising for electronic music community. Just listen to these 3 recent mixes ranging from downtempo to midtempo and sometimes entering the freetempo regions. This is the showcase of the future featuring tracks by young and extremely talented artists with beats that has never been more eclectic and intricate, building fantastic sonic landscapes in which you can immerse wholly creating your own un-realities in your mind. Ultimate listening experience for cold winter evenings at home. This is no wobbly, whompy and pounding dancefloor stuff, this is just good, emotional music.

Let's start from a crispy cold mix by the cmd/ctrl from Montreal, Canada for Mondayjazz. Waiting for the winter rides smoothly on a downtempo, 'West Coast' vibe (e.g. FlyLo, Teebs, Alex B)  while featuring also more wonky, glitchy and crunky tunes from Europe or Canada (like e.g. my personal track of the year - Hard to Find by Robot Koch, Lorn and Lunice remixes, HudMo, Mike Slott) and tons of great IDM. Apart from the names you should be already acquainted with,  the tracklist is packed with the artists you should absolutely check if you have never heard about them. L.A. - based youngster Shlomo , Dimlite, UK's Mussck in a fantastic MattB's remix, Pudge, DevonWho, Flako, Mount Kimbie (releasing stuff on Scuba's Hotflush)  and finally  the notorious and mysterious collective from Brussels called Herrmutt Lobby (check their stuff on Eat Concrete). You will definitely hear more great music released by them in 2010. Remember then who pointed you in their direction HA HA HA :)
All in all, one of the best mixes I've heard in 2009!!!!


1. Leila - The Exotics
2. Mount Kimbie - Vertical
3. Tobacco - Yum Yum Cult
4. E.A.R.L. - Changeview
5. Hudson Mohawke - Fuse
6. Mussck - Don't Sell Your Dreams ( Matt B Remix)
7. Pudge - Reign Dancing With The Stars
8. Flako - Yeahyeahyeah
9. Deniz Khan - Springtime
10. Robot Koch - Hard To Find
11. Shlomo - Post Athmosphere
12. Cupp Cave - Breech This Trust
13. Antipop Consortium - Reflections (Cmd/ Ctrl Remix)
14. Dimlite - Back To The Universe Pt.1
15. Kelpe - Clearance
16. Teebs - Wlta
17. Common - Be
18. Zo aka La Chauve -Souris - The Peacock Revolution
19. Herrmutt Lobby - Fat Manual
20. Alex B - Players (J.Dilla SV Remix)
21. Illum Sphere - Medusa
22. Notorious BIG - Suicidal Thoughts (Lorn Remix)
23. Mike Slott - Boxed In
24. Damu vs. Joe Buck - Beat Grinder
25. DevonWho - Whispers
26. Beem - Don't Bogard That Can,Man
27. Flying Lotus - Disco Balls
28. The XX - Basic Space (Lunice Remix)
29. Michael Fakesch - Escalate

Next mix comes from a huge talent on the West Coast music scene, 19-year old Shlomo from LA, who has just recorded a special podcast for xlr8r magazine. Abstract hip-hop meets mid-tempo extravaganza, deep beats clash with heavy bass in Schlomo's original productions and other (often unreleased) tunes contributed, among others, by his homies from Wedidit Collective. Plus great tracks by Low Limit and Teebs. QUALITY!


01 Shlohmo "Tall Grass"
02 Juj "Pomegranate Limeade Just Spilled All Over My Laptop" (Wedidit)
03 Shlohmo "Windowlight"
04 Non Epic "Cops Helping Kids" (Wedidit)
05 Ground Is Lava "Get On My Water Level" (Wedidit)
06 Joseph "Untitled" (Unreleased (Wedidit)
07 Shlohmo "7AM (Devonwho Remix)" (Friends of Friends)
08 Juj "SoulBounce" (Wedidit)
09 Shlohmo "Scooters"
10 Shlohmo "Teeth" (Friends of Friends)
11 Shlohmo "VOR/oFF"
12 Low Limit "Trapperkeeper"
13 Dem Hunger "Bathtub Birth"
14 Oscar McClure "Untitled" (Leaving)
15 Elan "I Can't Breathe" (Wedidit)
16 Matthewdavid "You Know You're Not Alone"
17 0 "Lover's Defect" (Indigo Pyramid)
18 Dak "Hunch" (Leaving)
19 Abdul Alim (a.k.a. Knxwledge) "Spritzr"
20 Mindesign "Airways" (Record Breakin)
21 The Dene Road "And She Was Touched"
22 Non Epic "Untitled" (Wedidit)
23 Infinite Potentials "Escapizm" (Indigo Pyramid)
24 Teebs "Bern Rhythm Codeine Version"
25 Shlohmo "Shapes In The Dark"

Finally, I'll throw some fire and add more transcendental space and ethereal vibe to cold electronic beats and synths of the two former mixes. Mugwort released a great mind-food music excursion into Far East and West Coast to the rthythm of psychedelic dubs. I am a real sucker for such a trippy downtempo stuff (mutating into heavier mid-tempo occasionally). Think SleepyHead, Heyoka, Knowa KnowOne, Beats Antique, PANTyRAiD, Ooah, Shpongle, Mimosa and you'll get the picture. Beautiful oriental vocals (fantastic Niyaz in Ghazal), trippy bhangra step of Subswara with Juakali on mike, etno anthem of PANTyRAiD, Eprom, Bluetech and edIT tunes are just a few highlights of this perfectly flowing mix. Cop it, throw away your concerns and worries and let the music take over your reality.

May the Entheogenic Reformation Prevail over the Pharmacratic Inquisition! Amen.  


Intro - a wise lady's words
Ancient Book of the Way - Knowa Knowone
Worship the Sun - PantyRaid
The Lantern - Beats Antique
Ghazal - Niyaz
Yeah (Ina Dravidian Bombstep) feat. Juakali - Subswara
Blood of Gaza - Mauxuam
Original Nuttah - Jantsen and David Seied
Floor - Sevenark / Domhnaill Antaidh - Mary-Jane Lamond
Tuesday Again - Ooah
Certified Air Raid Material - Edit
Throbbin Hood - Eprom
Bird Brain - Metaphor
Olelo - Kaya Project
Purple and Orange (Audiovoid remix) - Welder
Logico - Dr Toast / Ill not Survive - Mary-Jane Lamond
Remembering Self - Ooah
Circuits of The Imagination, Linguistic Mystic - Shpongle
Pagan Dream Machine (Vibrasphere remix) - Entheogenic
Closer Than a Wandering Reptile - Djeeno (NIN rmx)
Invocation - Shpongle
Darkness - Phutureprimitive
Escape Artists - Seventh Swami
Land of the Lupes - Bassnectar
Snow Drift - Bluetech
Khana - Random Rab