15 December 2009

PrEssHa and Kat1lyst - Partners in Grime Mix

This mix will emblaze you and your SS (exploding speakers warning!) with a constant downpour of deep, filthy sound! Two Lone Grime Knights on a heavy glitch and dubstep crusade converting infidels into bass heads in barely an hour of nitro shit. Glitchhop Forum homies and contributores to the cult podcast series of DirtyFilthyWhompcast - PrEssHa & Kat1lyst has recently unleashed their new collaboration called Partners in Grime. Trust me werd, this is one of the best cross-gender mixes I've heard this year, merging ultra crunky glitch hop with heavy dubstep sub-bass which your humble narrator simply LOVES!!. The mix starts slowly with Bluetech, speeding up with Pretty Lights ill tune, to reach a blazing momentum with Samples Carribean Hit Mix, Samples vs. S.P.E.C.T.R.E VIP Bass, Megasoid's Boootay Bitch Bass remix and Knig Riderz 1up.  Oh boy, I'm grinning and grinding my teeth like crazy listening to this. Fortunately, my co-slaves are not around to see me. I've read recently an opinion by quite a good reviewer of heavy bass music who claimed something like "glitch-hop as a genre tends to be pretty monotonous and repetitious". I'm about to send him this mix! Anaway, from that moment the mix never stops and continuous moving into more heavy sub-bass territory with Akira Kiteshi, Excision, Datsik, Bar 9, Barbarix, Subscape and similar heavy bombs. Plus another great metal funk by Samples - Oh My (let me repeat - this guy never does wrong). More highlights are: a f...g huge remix by Aussie Opiou - k-Lab Feat MC Analog - Wrecked. Hot, hot shit (check fantastic Opiou's EP here), Bill Bless and Vent tracks. If you really want to feel the pulse of the modern whompy bass music, there is no better way than to download this fresh mix. GIMME MORE BOYS.  

1.) Rusty Bridges and Greeves - D.O.P.E.
2.) Blue Tech - Waiting For Initiation
3.) Pretty Lights - Keep Em Bouncin
4.) Juvenile - Nolia Clap (Samples Caribbean Heat Mix)
5.) Samples & S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - VIP Bass
6.) Spank Rock and Benny Blanco - Bootay Bitch Beat (Megasoid Remix)
7.) Knight Riderz - 1up
8.) Akira Keteshi - Boom N Pow
9.) Freestylers - Ruffneck (Datsik & Excision Remix)
10.) Vista - Iron Fist
11.) Foreign Beggars - Seven Figure Swagger (bar9 remix)
12.) Syndaesia - Firecracker
13.) DJ Primecuts - Warning feat. Dynamite MC (Eddie K. Remix)
14.) Barbarix - Suck em hard
15.) Subscape - Chomp Stomp
16.) Ollie - You Stupid Cunt (Bare Noize Remix)
17.) Excision- Know You
18.) Datsik & Excision - Swagga
19.) Pretty Lights - If I could feel again
20.) Ben Samples - Oh My
21.) Opiuo - Monkey Crunk
22.) k-Lab Feat MC Analog - Wrecked (Opiuo Remix)
23.) Bill Bless - Fun Is Happy
24.) Vent - Monkey Chew
25.) Kid Sister - Get Fresh
26.) The Builder – Shpongled