21 April 2010

Carly D - Ligthening in a Bottle promo mixtape

Another great mix from Bay Area producer and DJ - Carly D. I really dig her selection, DJ skills and music sensitivity. She proved it in a previous, dubstep mix I posted on my blog, she proves it again in this special set put together for the DoLab's mixtape contest. The mix consists of tracks by artists who will all be playing at Lightning in a Bottle Festival this year.

I really really wish someone finally invented a teleporter to be able to haul my ass across the pond in no time to experience live all these fantastic producers I write about on my blog. I will donate 10 free tickets to the forthcoming Illum Sphere gig in Warsaw in exchange for a fast hop to California :) to the first inventor who presents me with a prototype of such a machine (can be untested yet). We could really use such an invention in the current Europe's dark age of Volcanic Eruption.

LIB Mixtape by Carly-D

LIB Mixtape Tracklist
1. Chelsea Hotel - MartyParty
2. 1685 Bach - Nosaj Thing
3. Godzilla New Year (David Starfire Remix) - Mochipet
4. Extra Extra- Beats Antique
5. Fog - Nosaj Thing
6. Yeah - Eliot Lipp
7. Oh Little Brain (Bluetech Remix) - STS9
8. OfferingReminder - Saqi
9. Julia's Labyrinth - MiMOSA
10. Psychedelic Stereo - MiMOSA
11. Madness - Nosaj Thing Remix
12. Android Porn - Kraddy
13. Bass Travel - Vibesquad
14. Do You - Pantyraid Remix - Freeland
15. Popping Stars - Biclops Remix- R/D
16. The Reflection (feat Sasha Rose, Dakini & eMA) - Random Rab
17. Looking Out The Window - An-Ten-Nae
18. Frates for Violin and Piano (Arvo Part Remix)
Beats Antique
19. The Spectacle (Ott Remix) - STS9
20. Oleander (Phutureprimitive Symbiotic Remix)
21. Shout it Out (David Starfire Remix) - Lynx & Janover