02 April 2010


A load of fresh glitch hop / dubstep mixes which should help you to survive the pressure of forthcoming holidays among your beloved relatives and family :) TAKE THIS, ALL OF YOU, AND LISTEN TO IT.

Bouncy bass-heavy glitch from Australian crew of Blunt Instrument. These guys know how to rock!!


Track listing
1) Baby Seal - Blunt Instrument
2) Tip Hop - Tipper
3) Ice Cream Headache - Blunt Instrument
4) Kinetic - Mimosa
5) Nun-cha-ka - Opiuo
6) Barn Storming (Amish Fever mix) - Blunt Instrument
7) BoogieMan - Mos Def (Sub Swara remix)
8) Bit Wobble - Blunt Instrument
9) Hushplan - Quade
10) Subsonic - Blunt Instrument
11) CampedAt - VibeSquad
12) Barn Storming - Blunt Instrument

IDM/ glitch / dnb and dubstep experiments from Heyoka. HEAVY !! No tracklist but it's Heyoka original stuff which kicks ass as usual.


The reborn Memkast, a cult podcast series, has been overtaken by a team of uber talented players from Daly City Records team. No. 42 is a 2-hour trip to the acompaniement of MusSck, Lokae, Decepticon, Monk Fly, Ben Samples and Mochipt. BEST MIX IN THIS SET!!! Actually, you will survive any holidays or family gatherings with this stuff :) Check Daly City Memkast site for details and tracklistings


Then comes pumping, heavy and totally infectious dubstep / glitch hop mix from a Bay Area Producer Carly D aka AuDiosa. Her selection of tunes, mixing skills and great music sensitivity really strengthened my faith in dubstep as forward-looking music genre (which I have to admit has been faltering recently). Give it a try - one of the best dubstep mixes I've heard in a while. Highly recommended!


1. Pyramid Song (Zed's Dead Remix)
2. Lock Up - Vent
3. Steppin (Rusko Remix)
4. Type Shock - Nero Remix
5. Rub a Dub -Joint Forces Remix
6. Multidial - Starkey
7. Shifty- Sukh Knight
8. Wata Down - Gemmy
9. Jewel - Sukh Knight
10. Coming Closer- Sub Focus?
11. Half Man Half Trout - Taz Buckfaster
12. Youth Blood - (12th Planet and Flinch Remix)
13. ft Navigator - Excision & Datsik
14. Tomorrow - (Jeuce Rework)
15. Badmen (Mightyfools Remix)
16. C'est La Vie (Rusko Masher)
17. Make me Dance - feat Reese [J. Rabbit RMX]
18. Strong Vibes - [Dr.Knobz & auDiosa RMX]
19. Dubshh- Octa Push
20. Favourite Sin - 501
21. WU-TANG - DZ remix
22. Amazareging- Mr. Curtamos
23. Welcome to World - High Rankin' Remix
24. Foxy Lady - Tony Anthem & Axl Ender
25. Baseball Bat (auDiosa re-edit)
26. Stripper (Akira Kiteshi RMX)
27. Jumpin' (2 bit thugs RMX)
28. Fall in Love - Honey Brown
29. When I look at you- Emalkay
30. So Fine (Joker Remix)
21. No Security (Rustie Remix)
32. Come Around (Mimosa RMX)
33. Rio (JFB Remix)
34. Get it Down ft Whiskey Pete -
35. Womanizer (Borgore RMX)
36. Gangsteppin' -MartyParty

Fresh mix from Glitchy and Scratchy who are part of my favorite Canadian crew of Integrated Grime Unit. If you want to hear what's hot in glitch hop and why this works so well with dubstep sub-bass, just download this ting and play it out LOUD. Jeez, Boreta remix of Mike, Aron and Eddie by Haiku D'Etat is soooooooooooooo f........g dope!!! And don't forget to check crunky and bwampy EP Broken Logic just released by Glitchy & Scratchy on Muti Music (expect more support from me on this blog soon).


01. LeBelgeElectrod - Wip Wop [www.electrobel.com]
02. Freddy Todd - Blowin Good [glitchhopforum dub]
03. Plus 2 - 8 Bit Monster (Mongoose plus 3 VIP) [igu dub]
04. 24-Bit vs Glitchy & Scratchy - Fail Bot [igu dub]
05. ElMongoose - Middle Eastern Jam [igu dub]
06. Haiku D'Etat - Mike, Aaron & Eddie (Boreta rmx) [dub]
- Vibesquad - Bass Travel [addictech] (gs edit)
07. Joker & Rustie - Play Doe [kapsize]
08. Na$tyNa$sty - No Names [xlr8r] (gs edit)
09. Cookie Monsta - Frontline [chemicaluk] (gs edit)
- Widdler - Same Way [dub]
10. Bar 9 - Murda Sound (Eskmo remix) [z audio]
11. Mimosa - Dead Like Me [muti music] (gs edit)
12. Ill-Esha - Risky Rutabaga [forthcoming woofercookers]
13. Bevvy Swift - San Pedro [forthcoming woofercookers.com]
14. Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Joker & Ginz remix) [xl recordings] (gs edit)
15. Dank - Make your titties go [dub] (gs edit)
16. 50 Fingaz - Sucker Punch (Glitchy & Scratchy remix) [woofercookers.com]
17. PantyRaid - Enter the Machine [marine parade] (gs edit)
18. Reso - Busted Crunk [civil]
19. Cookie Monsta - Fat Girl Rodeo [chemicaluk]
20. Knight Riderz - Hold On [glitchhopforum dub] (gs edit)
21. PRG - Rollin (Megasoid remix) [weapons house] (gs edit)
22. Figgy - 52 Pickup [glitchhopforum dub]
23. Glitchy & Scratchy ft.Chadio & Mr. Archive - Assless Chaps [igu dub]
24. Glitchy & Scratchy vs. Myles Away - Tokyo Tonight [forthcoming muti music ]
25. Glitchy & Scratchy - Speech Therapy [forthcoming muti music]
26. Random Henchmen - Wack Mcs (Glitchy & Scratchy remix) [igu dub]
27. Redman & Method Man - How High (Glitchy & Scratchy remix) [igu dub]
- 24-Bit - Wild West Coast [dub]
28. Gprom vs E-Unit - Womp 101 (Reel Bass mashup) [dub]
29. JmeJ - Lose it [igu dub]
30. Ill Gates - Egg Plantation [muti music] (gs edit)
31. Jurassic 5 - U got to Understand (NOG Chompa refix) [igu dub]

Great news to all fans wondering what happend to the sick podcast series of DirthyFilthyWompcast. It's back! Now it is called Bass Cast to be released via Bass Drop Music. First Bass Cast was prepared bY Kat1lyst from Seattle. He serves the usual feast of glitched out crunkadelic whomptronica. ESSENTIAL!


Birds of prey - Atrium
Editor - No Diggity
Bassnectar - Cozza Frenzy
Bassbin twins - Whistle Choon
Tom Encore - Recoil
Mark Instinct - Invader
DZ - Oooh
Gs Boys - Stanky Legg(lunice Remix)
Synthetic Army - Condo Days
An-Ten-Nae - Deeper Shade of Red
Proper Tinz - A milli Proper Tingz
Ben Samples - Zulu Bass Dance
Panty Raid - Crunkalicious
Figgy - 52 pick up
Panty Raid - One Mo
Amanda Blank - Lemme get some
Ben Samples - Blakka
An-ten-nae - Get Low
Pretty Lights - Sunday School
Freddy Todd - Grind baby(samples remix)
inaudible - Game theory
Glitch Sick Fuck
Tipper - Off Kilter
Ratatat - We Share our Mothers
? - Lose it
CLP - Designer(lazer sword remix)
Break Beat Buddah - Sleezy Geeza
Jansten - My love ReMiXXX

Finally, WMC PROMO MIXES by three warriors of glitch and dubstep, Samples vs. PrEssHa vs. Afro Monk. Lots of great basslines and neck-breaking beats.

Bump Up Yo Step (WMC 2010 Promo Mix) by bensamples

Pressha- WMC 2010 Promo Mix by PrEssHa

Afro Monk's WMC Promo Mix Live on Glitch.fm by AfroMonk