31 May 2010


Doktor Krank’s top-23 tracks of April/May
not necessarily the newest, but definitely on the constant repeat in my player atm.

1.Lorn – Tomorrow
2.Lorn – Greatest Silence
(I should have included at least 5 tracks on my list. Nothing Else is THE RECORD OF THE YEAR for me - so far at least)
3.Robot Koch – Brujeria
(unrivaled beatmaker enchanting again)
4.Deadboy – Long Way to Go
(UK Funky heaven!)
5.Actress – The Kettle Man
(from an amazing new record – The Splazsh!!)
6.Slugabed – Donky Stomp
(can’t wait for the new release from Sluga, epic tune!!)
7.Clubroot – Toe to Toe
(his second album is even better than the amazing debut!)
8.Devo - Whip It (Mochipet's Nitrous Oxide Mix)  
(BANGER !!!!!!!!)
9.Vinyl Blight ft. Noah23 – Blackstone (Mochipet’s Epic SynthHop Mix) 
(epic remix from my favorite pet)
10.Illum Sphere – Titan 
(brilliant squashed mutant sound from Manchester)
11.Coco Bryce – Heavy
(wonky wonky and more wonky beatz) 
12.Halo Refuser – Lumbering (Solovox remix)
(glitchy and catchy made in Portland – check the EP dropping 1 June) 
13.SRC – Gold Coinz
(another jackpot from Numbers)
14.Lokae – City Lights (ft. Audio Angel and Joe Mousepad)
(IDM glitch hop reminding me of Various Production stuff) 
15.Freddy Todd - Space 5 Penthouse (NiT GriT San Jose remix)
(…and a few tons of glitch, please)
16.Alex B – You and I Both Know
(Moments - one of the best records this year)
17.SDUK – Clunge (NastyNasty remix)
(ill filthy sick remix of the great tune)
18.Robot Koch feat. Addiquit – Dough (Salva Remix)
(heavy bass dancefloor smasher)
19.Playdoe - Ice Cream (D.L.i.d Remix)
(Spoek and co. in a wrecking remix by French producer D.L.i.d)
20.Backfunk 3000 – Jump – (Bruce Stallion’s Suspiciously Milky remix)
(Classic Si Begg’s anthem in a neon synth refix)
21.Eprom - Shoplifter
(well, it’s self-explanatory)
22.Ben Samples – Snowstorm
(heavy metal dub stomp glitch!)
23.Atari Teenage Riot – Activate