03 May 2010

Si Begg aka Buckfunk 3000 - Arrangements for the modern listener

Artist: Si Begg aka Buckfunk 3000
Album title: Arrangements For The Modern Listener - The Tigerbeat6 Arrangements
Catalogue Number: meow158
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release date: April 20th 2010

Tigerbeat6 delivers as usual, with a mind-blowing collection of sick, stomping, bass remixes of  the tunes by Bucfkunk 3000 - better known as Si Begg - released on Tipper's Fuel label back in ... 2001. Since then Si Begg has become a very strong feature on the techno / glitch / heavy bass / experimental electronica landscape. Now  his Seminal Releases High Volume, Jump and Disrupt received a seriously twisted treatment by the knights of sick beats and ultra exeggarated rave basslines, namely Kid606, Kanji Kinetic, the Squire of Gothos, EBOLA, HecQ, Luke's Anger, Bruce Stallion, Wascal, and a special Updated Vip remix from Si Begg himself!!! The highlights include teeth-grinding, bowel turning High Volume refix by Kanji Kinetic (in particular its VIP version), synth-driven digital freestyle in Jump by Ebola, a neon lighted journey through bleeps and beeps of seriously cut-up beat of Jump in Bruce Stallion's Suspiciously Milky remix (love this name!!!)amen-based breakbeat cannons in HecQ's High Volume Jumpin refix, finally leading to a pure rollercoaster ride of filthy rave from The Squire of Gothos duo in Disrupt. The last track you can download for free in 320' version as a preview of this highly successfull release. A really diverse and ass-kicking stuff from Tigerbeat6. Highly recommended!

Si Begg - Disrupt (The Squire of Gothos remix)

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meow158 Si Begg aka Buckfunk 3000 - The Tigerbeat6 Arrangements by Tigerbeat6