23 June 2010

Use of Bass Weapons

The master of heavy-bass artillery Bassnectar strikes back with another blasting mash-up of the Massive Attack's anthem Dream On. I've been a fan of this group for decades and Dream On is easily one of the three best tunes from them ever! Bassnectar paid proper tribute to the Bristolian crew with overstretched, lazer synths and distorted and pulsating bassline. Additional vocals also work quite well, even though the tripped out flow of the original is seriously disturbed. All in all the tune is better than I expected, as I still believe the original is too good to be messed with.

The official video of Massive Attack mash-up, featuring footage shot by fans at Summer Camp 2010, Austin, TX, Wakarusa 2010, Reset San Diego, and Bonnaroo 2010.