23 June 2010

Silicon Summer EP - Shockout 21

Shockout has released another pumping, bass, drummy, beat heavy EP - Silicon Summer. Barcelona's wizz-kid Cardopusher (and definitely one of my favorite dubstep / lazer bass producers) offers great, Night Slugz'-like beat and synth-driven dubstep summer vibes in Heartbeat Jam, but my favorite tracks come from Cardo's friends, the Caracas production Duo of Pacheko & Pocz. Kuduro step par excellence! Cohete with neon synths, stomping kuduro beat and talking bassline creates the fusion of sounds I would really like to hear more coming from dubstep / UK Funky / future garage scene!! San Fran's Ghosts on Tape mutates the sound and vocals in a kind of liquid digital raeggaton / UK Funky style but focusing more on darker and deeper vibes. Finally, BADXMAN from Agoraphobistan in UK employs tons of lazers in a dirty, rude UK urban trip rolling on a pulsating low-frequency sub-bass. This EP is a must for any fan of forward-looking EDM!!  

Grab the best track from this EP for your listening pleasure my dear blog readers:

Pacheko & Pocz - Cohete

shock21 Cardopusher/Ghosts on Tape/Pacheko & Pocz/BADXMAN-Silicon Summer EP by Tigerbeat6


Pacheko & Pocz mixtape for Mr.Gasparov blog

01.- PACHEKO & POCZ - Tormenta (dub)
02.- POCZ & PACHEKO - Zultan (dub)
03.- POCZ - Bodh Gaya (dub)
04.- POCZ - Andromeda Chains (dub)
05.- PACHEKO - Flipside (dub)
06.- PACHEKO - Arpeggiator (dub)
07.- POCZ - Mind Looking (dub)
08.- POCZ - Milky Way (dub)
09.- POCZ - Cold Point (dub)
10.- PACHEKO - Tricycle (Murder Channel)
11.- POCZ - Kosmos (dub)
12.- POCZ- Riddim Fi Lively Up Yourself (dub)
13.- PACHEKO & POCZ - Zarbak (Mr Gasparov RMX) (Senseless Forthcoming)
14.- PACHEKO & POCZ - Zarbak (VIP) (Senseless Forthcoming)
15.- PACHEKO & POCZ - Cohete (Shockout Forhcoming)