29 July 2010

DJ Auricom Mix & Up To Date Festival in Białystok

Białystok is the biggest city in North-Eastern part of Poland. I was born and spent first 20 years of my life in a small city near Białystok, thus I am fond of this city 'by birth', but  also beacause this is a city full of bright, happy people, with enormous potential, and very consistent and thriving music scene. The central point of music activity is definitely a Metro Club, which has been a permenant feature on the Polish clubbing scene for years, always offering the best selection of artists from disco to dubstep and housing some legendary parties (also the place where I experienced [and barely survived] the best party of my life with the super cool dudes from Lazer Sword & others- check my report here).

Now, the time has come to bring Białystok music scene to yet another level. September, 25th this year will mark the birth of the big electronic music festival Up To Date organized in a big complex of post-military warehouses. Three scenes: hip-hop &  techno & dubstep / heavy bass featuring: Tes La Rok, Ebola, Sandwell Distric Live (i.e. Regis and Function), top Polish rappers with Abradab from legendary Kaliber 44 crew or one of my favorite Polish MC's - Eldo and many other.  Everyone will find something up to his musical taste there. Do come, I guarantee you will not be disappointed, the more so as the Festival offers not only great music but a lot of other artistic pleasures.

One of the organizers of Up To Date festival - DJ AURICOM - a homie, resident of Metro Club and very talented DJ known of eclectic and divserse selection in his sets, has recently released a short mix for Made in Białystok portal which I highly recommend. Glitch hop meets electro meets dubstep meets rage against the machine.

auricom dla madeinbialystok by madeinbialystok

01. intruz - jestem intruzem accapella
02. culprate - don't do that
03. datsik - nuke 'em
04. apex - nowhere to run (datsik & excision remix)
05. plaeback - symbiant
06. radikal guru - dub down babylon
07. rusko - woo boost
08. si begg aka buckfunk 3000 - high volume (kanji kinetic remix)
09. low limit - trapperkeeper
10. sahy uhns - a team (ben samples edit)
11. sebastian - h.a.l.
12. rage against the machine - know your enemy
13. snoop doggy dogg - serial killa
>>>>elephant man - haters wanna war
14. bong-ra - the claw feat. ras bumpa (bazooka remix)
15. dr. dre & snoop dogg - the next episode (kraddy remix)
>>>>>dr. dre & snoop dogg - the next episode