28 July 2010

Slugabed - Here You Are (Free download!!!)

Yes! A free track from Slugabed on MYOR bandcamp site. Go get it, an exercise in purple wonkiness par excellence.

<a href="http://myor.bandcamp.com/track/here-you-are">Here You Are by Myor</a>

Here You Are has been originally released on Tropical Volume 1 (MYOR HOLLAND) in May 2010 and apart from Slugabed, it features tracks from Rekordah, Coco Bryce (YES!!), Mesak, Nino, Incense and Saccage - go to the bandcamp and buy the whole set. Trust me it will be well-spent EUR 5!

<a href="http://myor.bandcamp.com/album/tropical-heat-volume-1">Whatever It Takes by Myor</a>