26 July 2010

Pixelord & + verb - Whyyy

The collaboration between Pixelord & + verb i.e. the American - Russian friendship of Dominic and Alexey, which I can only welcome with triple WOW! At the same time, this is the biggest surprise at least of this month. I have been a big fan of Pixelord since the very first moment I heard his wonky beatz. Now, the master of beautiful, bleepy synthetic compositions joins forces with + verb, one of the most promising glitch hop producers from USofA (who has gained a nearly permanent feature in the posts on my blog he he). In Whyyy they created a fantastic hybrid of future garage, twisted hip-hop beatz, glitched out bass and oh sooo wonky synths plus great vocals on top. The sound is simply RIGHT, production impeccable and the track rolls smoothly. This could have been expected from those two very talented beat craftsmen. I am even more anxious to learn that this is just the beginning of their joint work. Can't wait to hear more, boys. This may be a super hot combo of this year!

Whyyy (Pixelord & +verb) by +verb