27 July 2010

Monsters in Action

Monster no. 1: NastyNasty:  The filthiest, nastiest and dopest monster in the pack. "Help! Monster basslines attack me. Somebody help me pleeassseeee"

Monsters by NastyNasty

Monster no. 2: Starkey: The creator of monstrous, unrivaled and one-of-the-kind synth symphonies you cannot confuse with anything else. Very good news is I'll see Starkey playing live at the forthcoming Audioriver Festival in Płock in a few days! Super stoked I am :))

CoRoT-9b by starkey

Monster(s) no. 3: Stephan Jacobs vs Die Antwoord: Another monster remix by Stephan Jacobs, this time reworking the original by RSA's most famous monsters - Die Antwoord.

Die Antwoord - Fish Paste (Stephan Jacobs Remix) by Stephan Jacobs

Monster no. 4: Schlachtchofbronx in a much too short monster edit of Phat Punany. I want phat punany too!

Leftside - Phat Punany (schlachthofbronx edit) by schlachthofbronx

Finally the Mash-up Monster: Weekid representing Łódź, Poland, mashed up great PANTyRAiD tune with voice samples of very concerned and angry people talking in Polish about a missing cross (or "krzyż" in Polish - you hear this repeated over and over in various contexts - most clearly when a guy screams Gdzie Jest Krzyż - (eng. Where is the cross) like at 1'23" and on). A clear allusion to the current political situation too complicated to describe on a music blog :) Absolutely fantastic patchwork!!

Pantyraid - Enter the Krzyż (Weekid Krzyżstep Mashup) by weekid