07 July 2010

Summer Glitch Hop Mega Mix Post

Glitch Hop Rocks! I'll prove my point not in words but with music. I am a busy bee recently, I have no time to write proper rewievs but the music accompanies me all the time. Just listen to this mega selection of creme de la creme glitch hop mixes I collected from various sources over last month. These are the best, I highly recommend downloading ALL OF THEM :))

The tracklists after the jump at the bottom of this post.

Fasten your earphones ladies and gentlemen and get ready for radical take off!

Kat1lyst & Pressha Present - Partners In Grime 3 by Pressha

Starting from the heavy-weight champions of low subs and glitched bassline, i.e. Partners in Grime (Kat1lyst & Pressha from Seattle) presenting a pretty explosive fusion of dubstep and glitch hop in Partners in Grime vol. 3 mix full of sick tunes and dark dancefloor vibe:

Digital Dirtyness Vol.2 by j_oddio

Now, dirtier and glitchier in Digital Dirtydness vol. 2 by j_oddio Filthy glitch hop, lazer bass, dubstep, and DnB mixed for the true discomfort dear listener in the way I really like :) Samples, Lorn, Kraddy, Mochipet, Eprom vs. Rusko, Flux Pavilion, Sub Focus and much more. Enjoy.

Slappity Blappity no. 6 by +verb

Slappity Blappity distorted, glitchy, wonky hotness from +verb representing Vermin Street. New stuff from Pixelord, Slugabed, Misk, Salva, NastyNasty and more. Lazers and Bounce - tru dat! One of the best and ear-twisting concise mixes I've heard in a while. Highly recommended.

Psymbionic - Live At Wakarusa 2010 by Psymbionic

Cruncudelic glitchy step i.e. live set by Psymbionic at Wakarusa 2010. The listeners and dancers definitely had more an hour of great experience. I wish I was there :) Apart from being quite successfull producer and DJ, Psymbionic also runs a bass heavy blog - Bwomp Beats. Go check it!


Sound Tribe Sector 9 - EHM (Psymbionic Remix) by Psymbionic

R.Sweat DakotaLounge by Richard Sweat

Another hot live mix by Richard Sweat (representing one of the best - if not THE best - glitch hop crew out there: The BWOMP) from his performance at Dakota Lounge in Santa Monica. The name of EPROM's tune on the tracklist: Evil Shit describes pretty well what this mix is about. Lazer Sword, NastyNasty, Slugabed, Knight Riderz, Freddy Todd, Mochipet, S.P.E.C.T.R.E., Eprom, Kraddy - the real who is who in the word of dirty, glitchy future blap. This mix proves perfectly why I converted some time ago from pure dubstep to glitch-hop (whatever this term describes or not - but I hope you know what I mean). A role model mix of future EDM.

Live mix for Bassstream radio - June 2010 by bluntinstrument

Finally, the glitch hop duo from Australia - Blunt Instrument, in a live mix for Basstream radio show on glitch.fm radio. Slower, crunky meditation on heavy bass and glitch f. Tipper, edIT, Knowa Knowone, Mimosa, ill-gates and more. Great mix for office work!