04 August 2010

Burning Man - Basscamp 2010. Sick line-up!!!!

A teleporter, a teleporter for my kingdom! Dear Crazy Scientists send the prototypes over, otherwise I wouldn't make it to the Burning Man this year to experience Basscamp parties with absolutely stellar and ridculous line-up. 6 days of pure heavy bass bliss with such champions as NastyNasty, Eprom, Mochipet, An-Ten-Nae, Bassnectar, Mimosa, Elite Force, Heyoka, R/D, Ill Gates, Vibe Squad, Freq Nasty, Babylon System crew and moar moar moar. No other place on the Playa will be able to compete with this line-up, I am more than positive about this. Arghhhhhhhh I want to be there badly!!! Any sponsors for transatlantic flight?