04 August 2010

Dj Spox - Pure Mix (100% Spox)

DJ Spox from Warsaw, Poland is a super talented producer whose top-notch quality tracks combine UK Funky with Electro, stomping Heavy Bass, Dubstep and whatnot. He has just released a super duper ass-kicking banging mix including his own originals and remixes. Drop the Lime's or AC Slater's remixes by Dj Spox really stand out from an ocean of reworks done by other artists across the globe, listen to this mix, to prove for yourself, great vibe from the first till the last minute. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank!

A word of encouragement from the Man himself, believe me every word is true :)))

"The idea behind the mix is to showcase some of the original music, as well as remixes, I did this year. It features the tunes posted on both Polish and foreign blogs (including Top Billin, Trouble & Bass), the ones played in clubs, forthcoming releases and brand new exclusives. All of them, apart from the few original samples, were produced by me. There are only few DJs in Poland who are producers at the same time. As far as I know, this truly might be the first producer mix in Poland, melting together Electro, UK Funky, Bass, Dubstep or Dirty Disco. The number of genres adds to the 'party' vibe of the mix.
Hope you enjoy it and pass it on to your friends and further.

Dj Spox - Pure Mix (100% Spox)

1. Klever Intro
2. Spox - Salute Me
3. Spox - Slam Dunk
4. Spox - Who’s in Control
5. Spox - Rock da Beat
6. Spox - Spox & Sax & Sex
7. Mass Cypher - She Love It (Spox Remix)
8. Drop The Lime - Devils Eyes (Spox 'Devil of the Opera' Remix)
9. Spox - Cash Rules
10. Canblaster - Jetpack (Spox Remix)
11. Novika - Lovefinder (Spox Remix)
12. Sam Tiba - Barbie Weed (Spox Remix)
13. Slater & Lime - Creepin (Spox Remix)
14. Harbour Horse - Nenene (Spox Remix)
15. Spox - Ale Urwał
16. Drop The Lime - Sax & Sex (Spox Remix)
17. GC - Piejo Kury (Spox Remix)
18. Spox - U Can’t Hear Sht (clean edit)
19. Arthur Brown - Fire (Spox “Hellfire” Remix)
20. Spox - Electora
21. Spox - T&D&C
22. Joyce Muniz & Shanti Roots - Sick Music (Spox Remix)
23. Spox - Sunchine
24. Spox - Back In The Groove
25. Spox - 4 Elements
26. WU - Zejdź na Ziemie (Spox Remix)
27. Spox - Borderline