05 August 2010

Raffertie - Electronic Explorations 118

Raffertie in the hot mix for Electronic Explorations. For all of you who know Raffertie's previous productions, this mix can be a bit of surprise. Raffertie's ravey, oldschool, amen-infused, wobble-horror aesthetics seem to be now subjected to a serious treatment with UK Funky and Future Garage, and also experimental electronica (reminding me a of tigerbeat6 productions) though with a definite trademark of crazy Raffertie sound. And with tracks like Rank Functions I can definitley hear Raffertie moving into even more experimental areas. Which is GOOD! I regard Raffertie a top producer and expect exploring new directions in music exactly from such people. Well, we will see what will come of it, new stuff from Raffertie will drop soon. For the time being, listen to his Electronic Explorations mix.

Raffertie about the mix:
"The mix is a preview of just some of my new material that I’ve been working on recently and it defines a new direction that I am heading with my music. The first release on my brand new label, a track called ‘Rank Functions’, which will be backed with a brilliant remix from Brighton’s Ital Tek as well as two other original tracks from myself are showcased in the mix. Photomachine and Randomer, two producers who have been dazzling me with their productions in recent months and who will also be releasing on my new label, are included here in the mix.
A full announcement about the label will be going up on my blog in the next week or two: http://www.raffertie.com"

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Raffertie - Electronic Explorations 118

01 – Raffertie – Aperitif
02 – Raffertie – They Pecked Off Her Nose
03 – Photomachine – Waves
04 – Raffertie – Ghost Machine
05 – Randomer & Subtrak – Alize
06 – Raffertie – Scatter Consortium
07 – SBTRKT – When Doves Strike
08 – Raffertie – Folly
09 – SBTRKT & Sampha – Break Off
10 – Arkist – Until Next Time
11 – Rfertie – A Dainty Dish
12 – Raffertie – Horse Flesh
13 – Graphics – Sarah Sampled
14 – Mahni – Second
15 – Robyn – Hang With Me (Hot City Remix)
16 – Raffertie – His Counting House
17 – Raffertie – Rank Functions