13 August 2010

Robot Koch - Devil Drums (Alex B remix)

Oh boy, what a treat. One of the best American producers Alex B remixes the track by my personally best producer on the electronic music scene - Robot Koch. The final outcome must be epic! Just listen to these synths - mind smashing, twisted eruption of dark beauty riding on a heavy bass with lotsa lotsa noise in the bacground. The perfect combination and a fantastic tool for office fitness, can't even sit properly on my ass and my head makes spastic, jerking moves which my fellow corporate co-slaves observe with a mixture of contempt and concern for my psychical health. F''k'em! This tune is too good not to be experienced full-bodily. Devil Drums is a track, from the forthcoming Friends of Friends Volume 3, Other producers on this complilation include Mexicans with Guns, Salva, King Cannibal, Lunice, Mux Mool, and Free the Robots. Can't wait to hear this stuff (release date: October 5).

Robot Koch - Devil Drums (Alex B remix) (via xlr8r)