10 September 2010

Teielte - Homeworkz LP (UNM 001)

Teielte - Homeworkz LP (U Know Me Records 001)
Release date: 20 Sept 2010

1. shempolain
2. 3 steps
3. gumbas
4. darkvoices
5. nightstep
6. landof never
7. harpghan
8. limipid

9 OUT OF 10**** 

I am extremely pleased to write this post. Poland is catching up fast with the global electronic community and I come across more and more producers whose work makes me really proud. Teielte is a new beatz producer whose debut LP - Homeworkz is of absolutely top-notch quality and I am positive will meet with great reception across the globe. Teielte presents a very mature and sensitivie approach to production and skilfully handles the rich layers full of great samples and wide orchestration. This is a concise work by an artist who is not scared of using distorted bleeps, bits and cut-ups to create very melodic, smoothly flowing and tasty music cocktail with great synths and catchy basslines. At the same time he uses a lot of different patterns showing a good ear for diversification and offering a few absolutely fantastic gems for any open-minded fans of the current electronic music. He is definitely one of the best producers working in Poland atm and IMHO Homeworkz is the best debut I've heard in years on the Polish scene. And before you ask, I am not supporting an artist just because he is from Poland, I am doing this 'cause


I really encourage you to get acquainted with Teielte's music, the trip you are about to embark on will be rewarding. Starting from cinematic score of 23rd century love-story taking place on Mars in Shempolain, through absolutely fantastic synths and beautifully mutated vocals in Landof Never or acid-jazzy pianos and trumpets in uplifiting Limpid or unsettling and powerful Harpghan to 'moog-ish' bleeps and bits in one of the highlights of the entire release - Gumbas (just listen to this absolutely astounding button work!). Then moving to the heavy sub-bass improvisations in super fat tune of Darkvoices to finally reach the most ambitious and multi-layered track of Homeworkz - 3 steps, where asynchronous beat meets tons of samples in the background. All in all Teielte is definitely in the global top league and I am absolutely convinced this record will make proper noise in the blogosphere.

Doktor Krank highly recommends Homeworkz for your listening pleasure. Grab a free track below and visit digital stores around 20 September to buy this fantastic release. You will not be disappointed, trust my werd.

Teielte - Darkvoices

Teielte "HOMEWORKZ" LP promo by U Know Me Records

The record will be available in digital format from 20 September via: JUNODOWNLOAD (Go there to preview all the tracks)

And finally watch great video of Darkvoices on VIMEO (by Sonar Soul) !!!