04 October 2010

Emergency Broadcast System Compilation: This is not a test

New, hot, Canadian label Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) has released a dope compilation including tracks by leading Western Canadian glitch-hop, bass-heavy producers, featuring stomping music by the mighty crew of Knight Riderz, as well as Dewey DB & Ill-Esha - founders of the hub of glitch hop community: Glitch Hop Forum, and other pioneering producers already mentioned on my blog, like JmeJ or Jay Wikid plus new names for me (but definitely not for the Canadian headz) - Sharps, Mat the Alien or Audited Beats.

According to the label's statement "Emergency.Broadcast.System set out with a mission to release not only music that bangs in the clubs, festivals and streets but also is simultaneously essential music for your headphones and home listening" This compilation delivers as promised, offering not only decent whomp & stomp beat and super glitchy bass, but also full-fledged, well-developed and consistent music compositions. Knight Riderz lead the gang of merry bassterds with their two super fat productions- an instant classic Play and Glitch-Mobesque - Key to the City. Mat the Alien drops  sick bass hop banger called simply Lazerbass - for me the highlight of the entire release next to Knight Riderz' Play - while another newcomer (?) Sharps evokes quite a different emotions in his beautiful deep sub-bass meditation The Vast Expanse. Add to this JmeJ's or Jay Wikid's bass improvisations, funky bass in The Grand Slam Dunk by Ill-Esha and heavy-bass cinematic score in Dewey DB's - The Adventures of Albert the Giraffe and you'll get a full picture of the versatile, eclectic compilation which stands out from the sea of booooring distortions, wobbles, drills, weak production skills and monochromatic tunes with single patterns repeated all over which have flooded the bass scene for some time already. I highly recommend you 'saturate your ears with all those delectable details' (to shamelessly borrow the mottoe of glitch.fm Internet radio) - I guarantee you'll be satisfied!

Listen to the preview below
and buy the entire set on Addictech.

Latest tracks by EmergencyBroadcastSystem

As a teaster, grab for free a fantastic glitch hop anthem by one of the best crews out there Knight Riderz!!!  (also don't forget to check their recent Screw Up EP (Made in Glitch) - via addictech) - one of the heaviest and consistently ass-kicking releases this year)

PLAY - Knight Riderz by EmergencyBroadcastSystem