29 October 2010

Recent releases reviews pt. 1

I've realized I have no chance to write proper reviews of all the recent releases I really like due to the lack of time. And in blogosphere things become old quite fast, thus I decided to draw the attention of my readers to the bass-heavy / beat music YOU MUST NOT MISS which has been released recently. I'll try to write at least a few words about each of them, while being fully aware these artists deserve much more than that.

Swede:art - Emotional Colors Remixes
DrKrank's rating: 8/10

Let's start from Swede:art and the remix compilation of my personal record of the year, i.e. Emotional Colors. This is still top-3 album of the year next to Lorn's Nothing Else and probably only Lazer Sword's full-length has a chance to beat it. Since the first time I came across the work of Joachim Pruegl at the end of 2009, I really felt his potential, but I've still been surprised with his stellar debut. He has instantly catapulted himself to my personal top German producers league next to the mighty Robot Koch. Tokyo Dawn Records did a right thing and released a fantastic Emotional Colors Remixes featuring a few absolutely fantastic remixes. All in all this is one of the best comps of this type I've heard in ages. Nearly as good as the original. TOKiMONSTA from Brainfeeder's roster delivered the most contagious, addictive and perfect rework, closely followed by Kidkanevil's rainy, downtempo improvisations, Sam Irl's banging, dark neon synth-driven remix of my personal best track by Swede:art, namely Linquistics or Devonwho's deconstructions of Mosambique. I also extremely liked the jazzy remix of Embrace by Waxolutionists and Edizione Crumar's electric refix of A Room of Prayers. Actually, you wouldn't find a weak remix on this compilation. Grab the entire release on Tokyo Dawn site. It's worth every penny.

Listen to my personal-best remix by TOKiMONSTA:

Swede:art - I'm A R.O.B.O.T. feat. Blaktroniks (TOKiMONSTA Remix) by Swede:art

The Great Mundane - This is So You EP
Dr. Krank's rating: 9/10

We remain in a slightly similar area with another release. The Great Mundane is one the Portland's (Oregon) premiere beatsmakers and in his free EP - This is So You he shows the real depth of his talent, which is immense to say the least. He offers super-tight samples, impeccable production skills, great button work and a kind of jazzy, spacey feel to music I like so much recently. Associated with STS9 and 1320 Records, he also has been releasing records and collaborations since 2007 (psymbolic, mush, runriots records). This EP is perfect from the first to the last note. It's even difficult for me to point to some highlights - this is a kind of work that needs to be digested in full. The great news is that we should expect remixes for SPL, Lorn, KiloWatts & Bluetech as well as his next full length in May 2011 on 1320 Records. Can't wait.

The Great Mundane - This is So You (free download via bandcamp)


Bassnectar - Wildstyle EP
Dr. Krank's rating: 7/10

The last one for today's wrap-up is Bassnectar, the weekend is coming and there is no better tool to pump up your party attitude than to listen to a few ultra bass-heavy tunes from his new EP - Wildstyle. Already the first track - Bassnectar's remix of Hot Right Now will seriously burn your speakers or internal brain circuitry (if you listen to this EP via your headphones - thus beware!). The sonic onslought continues unwavaring with the highlights being: gnashing dubstep bomb of the title track, The 808 Track with baile-funk drums turning into drilling wobbley affair, and a sick, filthy collab with ill-gates in Encore. Kudos go to Lorin for including more experimental stuff (Fun with Synthesizers) on this EP. All in all, the release did not left me jaw-dropped but it's a solid block of your best bass-heavy music doing wonders on any dancefloor across the globe or using the full potential of your sub-woofer. BTW - peeps in Europe should start their preperations already - Bassnectar will visit and old contintent in November. Check Bassnectar's site for details.