04 November 2010

Donky Stomp EP - Slugabed vs. Ghost Mutt (Donky Pitch 001)

Donky Stomp EP - Slugabed vs. Ghost Mutt (DKY001)

Slugabed - Donky Stomp
Slugabed - Donky Stomp (Mweslee Remi)
Ghost Mutt - Platinum Skull
Ghost Mutt - Thoroughbred


DKY001minimix by Donky Pitch

New Brighton-based label Donky Pitch has hit the market with the avalanche of sick synthetizers and twisted basslines in their firest release - Donky Stomp EP featuring one of my favorite producers and the real master of sonic disaster - Slugabed (Ninja Tune / Planet Mu) accompanied by his homie Ghost Mutt.
Donky Stomp original by Slugabed is definitely one of the best tunes I've heard this year and just proves an immense talent of this Brighton boy, even though paradoxically this track is quite 'restraint' for him :). But he allows this beautiful, spacey and melodic composition to really 'play out', while of course building his 8-bit synth solos on a solid, heavy and glitchy sub-bass. Exactly the way I like it! A Spanish producer- Mweslee refixed Donky Stomp into more wonky and purple affair with the great use of vocal sample.

Ghost Mutt in his two tracks goes full force into neon dubstep territories, where heavy synths play the main role among 8-bit, Nintendo bleeps and pieces and heavy basslines. Platinum Skull is super solid, reminding me a bit of Starkey's work, but it is Thoroughbred that goes totally overboard with absolutely killing, colourful neon, post R'n'B extravaganza which should become a real hit on the dancefloors and in the mixes across the globe. All in all - a Vinyl / digital release YOU MUST NOT MISS! You better memorize the name of Donky Pitch - more great things to come from their camp for sure.

Grab it on Boomkat and at other Internet stores.